Update Occupant Information

The update occupant information form is no longer available. Please reach out to Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s current Managing Agent for assistance.

Each occupant of a Unit (adult and child(ren) and full-time and part-time residents) are required to maintain up-to-date contact information with Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, as required under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 183A. It is imperative that this information be kept current and accurate for important notifications and communications from the Liberty Commons Condominium Trust or its Managing Agent to Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents, such as:

  • Notifications for emergencies that affect Units, Buildings or the entire property or surrounding area
  • Water or plumbing leak
  • Water infiltration from excesses build-up of snow, ice dams, or other sources
  • Sewage back-up from waste water pipes
  • Fire and/or medical emergency
  • Unsafe condition and/or other emergency that requires evacuation or emergency notification to ensure residents safety
  • Extended periods of utility outages