Text Messaging Notifications

Liberty Commons allows Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents to opt-in for receiving text message notifications for: (a) snow removal alerts1, (b) maintenance activities, and (c) urgent notifications, similar to what schools, colleges, universities, and business have implemented to keep individuals informed and safe. This initiative is being implemented as a “beta test” program, as we know that cellular service is spotty inside Units.

The purpose of this “beta test” initiative is a courtesy to alert Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents:

  • When to move vehicle(s) when snow is being cleared from Liberty Commons
  • When Common Area maintenance requires an action or notification to Unit Owners and/or Non-Owner Residents
  • If and when there is an emergency that affects residents (i.e., police, fire, disaster, etc.) and to provide instructions


  • Enter the NUMERIC DIGITS ONLY of your address, such as: 1-183, and NOT the full address 1-183 Berrington Road or 2-32 Gates Crossing.
    Please allow 24-48 hours to enable or disable. Opt-In to receive text message notifications (default) or Opt-Out to no longer receive text message notifications.
  • By submitting this form, you agree to accept any text messaging charges that may apply under the terms and agreement of your cellular plan or contract.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

What you should know:

  • It is the Unit Owner’s and Non-Owner Resident’s obligation to move vehicles when snow is predicted, during snowfall or other winter precipitation, and during all clean-up and snow removal/treatment operations without receipt of a group text message; or as otherwise notified
  • Text messages are sent in groups, usually by Building, and not to individuals, so if all of the vehicles associated with your Unit are not on the property then the message can be ignored
  • Please don’t reply to text messages. Replying to text notifications will incur expenses assessed back to the Unit
  • Delayed or unreceived text messages does not negate your individual responsibilities and obligation to take an action
  • This notification system is offered as a courtesy to Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents (i.e., tenants, family members, roommates, etc.)
  • Standard text messaging rates apply, depending upon your cellular plan and by opting in, you agree to any charges permitted by your cellular provider

1 Opting-in to this “beta test” initiative does not negate individual responsibilities and obligations to move vehicle(s) when snow is predicted, during snowfall or other winter precipitation, and during all clean-up and snow removal/treatment operations by the snow removal contractor, or other actions necessary for maintenance activities.