Liberty Commons Site Plan


Liberty Commons has two parcels of land. There is a developed 11.94± acre parcel where all of the Buildings, Units, pavement, parking, utilities, landscaping and services exist. The second parcel is 12.04± acres and is conservation deed restricted, meaning it cannot be developed and must remain in it’s natural state to provide a buffer and natural habitat for animals.

Liberty Commons has 132 Units on 11.94± acres of land, or a density of 11.1± Units per acre.

The site plan above shows the developed parcel with the boundaries (i.e., the legal property lines) as recorded in the Worcester County North Registry of Deed in Plan Book 425 Plan 24. Each Building is numbered as designated by the developer. These numbers became legal definitions in the Master Deed for Liberty Commons Condominium Trust and Unit Deeds. Some Unit Owners refer to Building by number designations in meetings and when contacting our Managing Agent.

There are color coded dots in front of each Unit the defines the Unit Type (i.e., Unit Type 1 an Inside One Bedroom Garden, Unit Type 2 an End One Bedroom Garden, Unit Type 3 an End Two Bedroom Garden, and Unit Type 4 a Two Bedroom Townhouse).

A “Pod Number” has been assigned to each cluster of four Units and are numbered from the front of the Building from left to right. Each Building is made up of a combination of 2, 3, or 4 Pods. A Pod consists of two garden-style Units (Unit Type 1, and either a Unit Type 2 or a Unit Type 3) and two townhouse Units (Unit Type 4).

On the plan above End Unit Numbers are identified on each Building and each Unit is number in either an even or odd number, based upon whether the end numbers are even or odd. The Unit Numbers are also the physical mailing address for the Units. Unit 2-32 (even) are Gates Crossing Units and all other addresses are Berrington Road Units.

The plan identifies many infrastructure items, such as individual Unit and Common Area electric meters, irrigation zones and shutoffs, lighting for the site and Old Mill Road (a public road), mailboxes, fire hydrants, detention ponds from site drainage, dumpsters, and those Units that were built as handicapped accessible Units (i.e., 18, 23, 71, 73, 102, 152, and 153).

This plan was compiled from various plans and sources by Steve Stearns for Liberty Commons to assist Unit Owners, residents, the Board of Trustees, our Managing Agent, and contractors.