Mortgage Information

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s Condominium documents require mortgage information for certain required notifications, as well as the requirement of M.G.L. c 183A. Please provide this information, so that any appropriate notices required may be sent.

  • Enter only the Unit Number, the numeric part of the street address.
  • Enter the full name of the legal Unit Owner or mortgage holder.
  • Enter the complete name of the mortgage lender, lending institution or bank.
  • Enter the complete mortgage lender's mailing address for correspondence.
  • Enter the telephone number for the mortgage lender's customer service or account representative.
  • Enter the mortgage / account number for the mortgage. This information is used for required legal notifications only.
    Select the change you are making.
  • Enter the date that the mortgage was paid off in full or the scheduled pay off date.

This information is held confidential by Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, its agent and legal counsel (as may be required).