Unit Owner Meeting Participation Guidelines

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s meetings are private meetings and are not open to the public. These meetings may only be attended by legal Unit Owners (those listed in the Unit Deed as recorded in the Worcester County North Registry of Deeds) and all other persons are excluded. This meeting is to conduct the official business of Liberty Commons and is not open to family members, partners, significant others, friends, the general public, the media, personal attorneys, or any other individuals.

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust allows legal Unit Owners (those listed in the Unit Deed as recorded in the Worcester County North Registry of Deeds) to attend and respectfully participate in its meetings, all others are excluded. These guidelines were created from meeting best practices to assist in fostering productive exchanges of ideas and information from the Board to Unit Owners and vice versa. Meeting participation allows Unit Owners with an opportunity to provide productive input and share ideas directly with the Board of Trustees on matters of interest to the Association. The Unit Owner’s Forum is not to discuss any individual or singular concern (i.e., warnings, fines, due process evaluations, individual financial matters, lien enforcement, etc.) as these are private matters and privacy restrictions and laws do not permit public disclosures, discussions, etc.

  1. Immediately upon entry into the meeting venue using the official sign-in form Unit Owners will sign-in with their full name and unit number. Only legal Unit Owners may attend Association meetings, as clearly stated above. All other persons shall be excluded.
  2. Meetings are facilitated by the Board of Trustees or its designee.
  3. Be respectful.
  4. One person shall speak at a time and only after being recognized by the Board; no side conversations; if you did not hear or understand something, then please ask the Board for clarification.
  5. No video or audio recording is permitted.
  6. Any topic presented shall be relevant and of interest to the Association, individual or singular concerns are not permissible (as stated above) and must be submitted in writing to Board of Trustees through the Managing Agent.
  7. All speakers must identify themselves by full name and unit number prior to speaking each time, unless recognized and identified by name by the Board.
  8. Each speaker’s time will be limited, at the discretion of the Board, to allow participation by others present at the meeting, so please be concise and state facts. The Board in its discretion may limit the number of times that a Unit Owner may speak, again to allow other participants to add value to the topic or introduce a topic of interest to the Association.
  9. All input, comments and feedback is to be directed to the Board. Unit Owners may not comment on or question any Unit Owner or speaker except with the prior permission of the Board.
  10. Any Unit Owner with a detailed question or questions that may require documentation and/or reference materials (i.e., financial, budget, condominium documents, etc.) to answer must be submitted in writing at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting date (i.e., email is preferable so the information is received in a timely manner). At the Board’s discretion, the question may be answered in the meeting (time permitting), through written communication before, during or after the meeting, or not answered at all (not every communication requires a response or answer).