Managing Agent — The Dartmouth Group

The Dartmouth Group
4 Preston Ct Ste 101
Bedford MA 01730

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s Board has retained the property management services of The Dartmouth Group to work at the direction of the Board of Trustees, effective October 1, 2018. A management company or managing agent, by statute, has no independent authority to perform any actions unless specifically directed by a Board. However, the managing agent does serve through the Board for the benefit of the Trust. The Dartmouth Group utilizes a collaborative team approach to better serve Liberty Commons and other properties. Liberty Commons’ team consists of members from The Dartmouth Group’s property management, accounting and maintenance departments.

Teresa Barrera is Unit Owners first point of contact for routine property operations, sales/refinance questions and maintenance concerns. Susan Fahey will be working closely with the Board of Trustees in managing the operations of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust. All requests, concerns, etc. must be documented in writing (i.e., email, letter or electronic form).

Individual Title Telephone Email Address
Teresa Barrera Portfolio Assistant ‭781-533-7206‬
Susan Fahey Portfolio Manager ‭781-533-7213
Accounts Receivable Department
Emergencies (24x7x365) 1 ‭781-275-3133

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s legal mailing address is:

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust
c/o The Dartmouth Group
4 Preston Ct Ste 101
Bedford MA 01730

Date of Service: 9/1/2018 to Present

Powers and duties of the Managing Agent shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:

  • Operation, care, upkeep and maintenance of the Common Elements
  • Collection of the common charges from the Unit Owners
  • Employment and dismissal of the personnel necessary or advisable for the maintenance and operation of the Common Elements
  • Obtaining insurance for the Property
  • Making of repairs, additions, and improvements to, or alteration of, the Property and repairs to and restoration of the Property in accordance with the other provisions of these By-Laws
  • The Board of Trustees may delegate to the Managing Agent all of the powers granted to the Board of Trustees

1 An “emergency” is a bona fide emergency that imminently threatens a Unit, Building, Common Area, Limited Common Areas, Common Element or human safety and/or life. Calls to the emergency line that are not a bona fide emergency may be subject to any and all expenses being assessed back to the individual Unit. All calls to the emergency line that relate to a Unit Owner responsibility and/or obligation are subject to assessment of any and all expenses back to the individual Unit. For life threatening emergencies, immediately call 911 or the local emergency response number for the Leominster Police, Leominster Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Leominster Water Department (call the Leominster Police after normal business hours) and National Grid (for electric or natural gas emergencies).