Emergency Contact Person

Liberty Commons has a lot of residents who are single and live alone, and therefore Liberty Commons Condominium Trust allows Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents (i.e., family members, tenants, roommates, and frequent guests) to submit emergency contact information for themselves or other residents in their Unit, so the information can be provided to emergency responders if they contact Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent or a Trustee. In medical emergencies, seconds count, so this is another possible way provide information when you may be unable to.

  • Please enter a number from 1 to 183.
    Please enter just the Unit Number (1-183) ONLY, not the Unit Number and Street Address.
  • Please provide the name (above) and contact information (below) for a responsible person who can assist with important information in an emergency.

In addition to submitting this form, many mobile devices have the ability to store In Case of Emergency (ICE) information in the operating system or an app.

Information submitted is held by Liberty Commons Condominium Trust and its Managing Agent and Board of Trustees.