Unit Caretaker Authorization

The unit caretaker authorization form is no longer available. Please reach out to Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s current Managing Agent for assistance.

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust instituted a Heat Failure Policy that requires Unit Owners1 who will be away from their Unit for more than 72-hours during the period of October 15 through April 15 (or anytime throughout the year), to identify and authorize a local caretaker to act on their behalf and address and resolve any issues that may arise during their absence and that may pose a potential risk to the Unit and/or other surrounding Units.

The unit caretaker must check in on the Unit a minimum of every 72-hours during the absence and address any issues that pose a potential risk to surrounding Units. Unit caretakers should be able to be on-site within a reasonable period of time (30 minutes or less) and have the following information provided by the Unit Owner:

  • Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent’s contact information
  • A key to the Unit and mechanical room (i.e., the room with the furnace and hot water heater)
  • Alarm codes (if applicable)
  • Names and numbers of local contractors (i.e., heating, plumber, electrical, etc.) to address urgent issues that pose a risk to the Unit or surrounding Units and/or Common Elements

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust has no responsibility and/or obligation to check in on vacant Units, nor to act upon a Unit Owner’s behalf. If Liberty Commons Condominium Trust is notified of an issue, then Liberty Commons will make reasonable attempts to contact one of the individuals whom the Unit Owner has provided to the Association as a Unit Caretaker. Liberty Commons Condominium Trust does no have a master key to Units. If emergency entry is required to safeguard the Unit, Units, and/or Common Elements, then Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s Declaration of Trust and Bylaws grants the Board of Trustees the authority to authorize entry into the Unit and the Unit Owner(s) and all costs associated with the entry and any and all emergency repairs, as deemed necessary, will be assessed directly back to the individual Unit Owner(s) and will be due and payable upon receipt.

1 Non-Owner Residents (a/k/a tenants) should contact their landlords to make arrangements to maintain the Unit in their absence.