LibertyCommons.Info is the results of many personal one-on-one and group conversations from approximately 2005 on where Unit Owners have vented their concerns of not feeling like they were a part of a broader “community,” their frustration with the lack of leadership by the Board of Trustees since approximately 2005 on, and not having a voice that matters to the Board of Trustees. Several owners and residents recounted feeling like they were “being laughed at by Trustee(s)” when they brought their concerns to them.

In January of 2012, a group of Unit Owners decided to take action and LibertyCommons.Info was born as a grass roots effort by Unit Owners and for Unit Owners in the spirit of bringing like-minded individuals together to share information, ideas, and opinions on building a stronger sense of “community” and influencing positive changes with the governance of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, commonly known as “Liberty Commons” in an open and transparent manner. Owners are the voting shareholders of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, a Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 183A corporation, and as such, have a powerful collective voice in how the association’s business is conducted.

Due to the negligence of the unelected and self-appointed Board of Trustees since approximately 2005, the Board of Trustees have not reasonably fulfilled their legal and fiduciary obligations as set forth in the governing documents for Liberty Commons nor have expectations of Unit Owners been met, specifically:

  • Unsatisfactory performance by the Managing Agent
  • There has been a lack of leadership, responsibility, transparency, and accountability by the Board of Trustees
  • Improper prioritization and underfunding of Capital Reserves 1
  • Excessive non-owner occupied units (exceeding the maximum of 30% allowed) 2
  • Maintenance and investments in our aging infrastructure (i.e., roofs, roads, sewer pump station, decks and patios, etc.)

Since 2005, the unelected and self-appointed Board of Trustees have used the excuse “Well, we’re unpaid volunteers, so…” As a voting shareholder that inept excuse is simply unacceptable and inexcusable. Being an “unpaid volunteer” does not mean they can do a substandard job and/ or simply ignore the serious obligations and commitment they made to each and every Unit Owner by accepting the position. Actions or inactions by the Board of Trustees effect every Unit Owner’s investment (in their home and financial future) and therefore is very serious business. Failure by the Board of Trustees means failure and financial risk factors for the Unit Owners of the 132 units at Liberty Commons.

Each and every owners has made a substantial investment in Liberty Commons and many want to see these “challenges” turned into “opportunities.” Collectively, we can make a difference by working together. It will take dedication, hard work, and some tough decisions, but together we can achieve our goal of a financially secure and vibrant community.

Let’s face it, most everyone has busy lives these days trying to have some sort a work-life balance. LibertyCommons.Info provides an electronic mechanism for individuals to contribute and share as their schedule permits through a web browser. LibertyCommons.Info allows collaboration and transparency on issues that matter to owners and residents in a way not available to our community before.

We encourage each of you to please use LibertyCommons.Info as a resource to stay informed, get involved, share your ideas, concerns, and our successes. We’re asking you to take a renewed and rejuvenated interest in your macro-community.

1 The Board of Trustees are the responsible parties for the association’s financial health and well-being. The challenging economy is not a factor in the Board of Trustees complete lack of financial planning.

2 The tough real estate market that we have been experiencing for far too long, is not an excuse to place all owners at risk of not being able to sell (or refinance) their units because we are over the 30% non-owner occupied, which is a violation of our governing documents. The Board of Trustees have simply ignored non-owner occupied units and their legal obligations under the governing documents of the association and have put us all in a compromising position.