6(d) Certificate Pre-Request

Please complete this 6(d) Certificate Pre-Request form to start the request process.

For all sales of Massachusetts condominiums, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 183A, sec. 6(d) requires that the Condominium Trustees (or their agent) sign a certificate verifying the outstanding Condominium fees assessed against the Unit, if any. The term “6(d)” Certificate refers to that statutory section of the Condominium Act, section 6(d). Lenders and their closing attorneys will require a “clean” 6(d) Certificate which states there are no unpaid fees.

In order to have a “clean” 6(d) Certificate, Unit Owners must pay any outstanding or due assessments (i.e., Common Area Fees (a/k/a Condo Fees), fines, late fees, restoration charges, attorneys fees or any other assessments), a minimum of 5-10 business days prior to their request. A “dirty” 6(d) Certificate would indicate the amount due and would require the seller and/or buyer to pay the outstanding debt in full to the Trust at the closing and if not settled the new Unit Owner assumes and is/are liable for the lien.

Due Diligence

Buyers should do their own due diligence and not reply upon any statements made by the seller, realtor, attorney or others. Liberty Commons Condominium Trust is not a party to any sale and is not responsible for any false or misleading representations or statements by seller, realtor, attorney or others.

Condominium Documents

This information is provided as a courtesy and information should be independently verified and validated. No legal representation is made. LibertyCommons.Info disclaims any and all representations or warranties as to the accuracy of this information.

Document Registry Of Deeds .pdf
Master Deed Book 3785 / Page 140
Book 4129 / Page 60
Book 4177 / Page 194
Declaration of Trust and Bylaws Book 3785 / Page 151
Book 4129 / Page 72
Rules and Regulations Book 8763 / Page 239
Book 8678 / Page 273
Book 8693 / Page 20
Book 8777 / Page 145
Book 8808 / Page 192
Insurance Resolution Book 7748 / Page 283 .pdf


Non-Owner Occupancy (Rental)

Pursuant to the terms of the Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, no more than thirty percent (30%) of the Units of the Condominium may be leased to third parties at any time. Accordingly, any Unit Owner or prospective Unit Owner considering renting his or her Unit for compensation or no compensation must contact the Board to determine whether the then current number of rented Units exceeds the thirty percent (30%) limitation prior to purchase, execution of any lease agreement, rental, and any non-owner occupancy.

Vehicle Restrictions

Please consult the Rules and Regulations and Condominium documents for all restrictions and limitations. Some highlights are below:

  • There are no deeded parking spaces at Liberty Commons.
  • Each Unit is permitted a maximum of two vehicles. Each Unit has one assigned parking space. The second parking space is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • No commercial or commercially letter vehicles are permitted.

No Animals

Except for one indoor cat, all other animals (i.e., non-humans) are prohibited on Liberty Commons’ property, which includes the Common Area (any area outside any Unit), in vehicles or in Units, and may not be on Liberty Commons’ property not even momentarily. Cats are not allowed to be walked in the Common Area on leashes or otherwise.