Walk Like A Penguin 2019-20

With a Winter Storm Watch in effect, it’s a good time to stay inside. But if you have to go outside, keep in mind that walking on wet, snowy or icy surfaces requires special attention to avoid slipping and falling.

Falls are the third-leading cause of unintentional deaths. With snow and ice affecting the north east for the next several days (and throughout the winter), it’s good to have a plan to stay upright. And it’s an easy plan, too:

Walk like a penguin.

Does it look silly to waddle down the street? Absolutely. But give it a shot — penguins, after all, have a decent amount of experience holding their own on ice and might have a thing or two to teach us.

Personal Safety And Accountability

Remember, you alone are responsible for your own health and safety, so make wise and informed decisions, as doing so could prevent slips, falls, injuries or even death.

  • Always make your personal health and safety a priority, because you are responsible for your own decisions, actions or inactions. Bad decisions sometimes have serious consequences.
  • Always wear appropriate footwear for the weather conditions with good support and traction. Conditions do change throughout the day, so plan ahead.
  • Look before you step and make intelligent decisions. If there are slippery or icy conditions, then do not walk there.
  • Be aware and careful when exiting a building or vehicle.
  • Keep your hands and arms free of objects and out of pockets to provide balance as you navigate by foot.
  • Use abundant caution when navigating properties and roadways by vehicle and always allow ample distance to brake.
  • Always carry an amply charged cellphone in a pocket, so if you do slip or fall, you can summon help.

Keep Informed

Don’t become a winter statistic. Plan ahead. Monitor weather reports through weather alerts or apps on your mobile device. Alter or delay plans based upon predicted or actual weather conditions.

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