Constant Complaining Is Harmful To You

An interesting article appeared in Big Think entitled “Constant complaining is harmful to your health” and interesting enough so is listening to someone who constantly complains.

“When we complain, our brains release stress hormones that harm neural connections in areas used for problem solving and other cognitive functions. This also happens when we listen to someone else moan and groan.” — Robert Montenegro

The Big Think article refers to another article appearing in Fast Company, entitled “What It’s Like To Go Without Complaining For A Month“.

What is the most interesting trait about these constant complainers is that they actually think they are happy and are doing the community a “service”, when in fact they are quite miserable and toxic to anyone that they interact with. This should be a clear indicator of the unhealthy affects of constant complaining on our brains and well-being.

The important takeaway from these articles is to learn how to quickly identify individuals who constantly engage in these unhealthy and other unproductive behaviors, such as: bullying, badmouthing and attempting to incite hatred, prejudice, racism, homophobia, etc.; and immediately distance ourself from them. People should effectively isolate and contain these individuals, similar to how health officials quarantine outbreaks of disease, which is really what this behavior is, dis-ease.

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