Winter Parking Ban

When winter weather is predicted through the final cleanup of winter accumulations are completed, no non-resident vehicles are permitted on Liberty Commons’ property, not even momentarily.

Resident Vehicle

A “resident vehicle” is a vehicle owned, leased or operated by a full-time permanent legal resident Unit Owner or a full-time permanent legal resident Non-Owner Resident that is properly registered with the Registry of Motor Vehicles with a legal garaging address of either Berrington Road or Gates Crossing in Leominster, Massachusetts. Liberty Commons Condominium Trust may request and require proof of legal registration, at Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees‘ discretion. Any vehicle improperly registered with Liberty Commons Condominium Trust as a “resident vehicle” that does not have a legal garaging address on the valid original registration and the owner/operator is not a full-time resident of Liberty Commons shall be deemed a visitor, guest or non-resident and subject to all applicable Rules and Regulations and shall invalidate the “resident vehicle” registration with Liberty Commons Condominium Trust.

Any vehicle not permitted to be on Liberty Commons’ property during a winter weather event is subject to immediate fine and/or removal by towing at the vehicle owner/operator’s sole expense and liability, without exception. Please refer to the 2018-2019 Snow Removal Procedures.

Additional Reminders

  • Individual Unit Owners have no specific rights to the Common Area (any area outside of the legal boundaries of the Unit).
  • Individual Unit Owners cannot make any exception to any rule, regulation, policy or anything else; or make up their own definitions in order to exempt themselves from the Condominium documents.
  • The assigned parking space for each Unit is not exempt from Liberty Commons’ Rules and Regulations.
  • It is not Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees or Managing Agent’s responsibility to remind or notify anyone to take any appropriate action (i.e., moving/removing vehicles).
  • Any loaner vehicles must be registered with Liberty Commons prior to being operated or parked on Liberty Commons’ property.
  • Unknown vehicles are subject to immediate removal by towing at the vehicle owner/operator’s sole expense and liability.

Everyone’s cooperation will help to ensure that Liberty Commons’ property is made reasonably safe for navigation by foot and vehicles and avoids the need for enforcement actions.

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