Text Messaging Notifications Discontinued

The text message notification and alert system implemented by Steve Stearns for the benefit of all Unit Owners and Non-Owner Resident was discontinued as of January 28, 2019. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees are investigating other potential courtesy notifications and alerts.

The text message notification and alert system always was a courtesy system and was never a requirement for Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents to receive a text message in order to fulfill their individual obligations of moving vehicles when snow removal was occurring, as regulated in Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s Rules and Regulations and the current and previous year’s Snow Removal Procedures. While some Unit Owners have attempted to use the excuse “I did not receive a text message, so…”. This is not a valid excuse, has not been successful and does not negate the individual mandate to comply with all obligations as set forth in all of the Condominium documents.

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