Snow Removal Update — 1/21/2019

Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor completed the final cleanup of roads, travel lanes and parking spaces that were unobstructed by unmoved vehicles and treated roads and travel lanes. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees appreciates the majority of residents that were home today who cooperated with the snow removal efforts as everyone’s cooperation helps immensely. The majority of individuals understand that community living requires that work is prioritize based upon the big picture, risk factors, procedures, weather conditions and not individual expectations; and that we all need to work together to be successful. Individual expectations that do not align with all of the aforementioned factors and lack of cooperation only leads to disappointment and frustration.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees called back the shovelers to address some sidewalks, areas around mailboxes and dumpsters that needed a bit more attention. However, the extremely freezing temperatures (2-5° F, not counting the wind chill factor) cut these efforts short as it was to dangerous to have the crew outside exposed to these extreme weather conditions, but Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees greatly appreciate their efforts. Additional cleanup of the aforementioned areas will continue tomorrow, Tuesday, January 22, 2019, as they work with Liberty Commons’ general contractor who will be removing some snow from a predetermined list of roofs to address ice dams, as weather conditions permit. The two teams of contractors and Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees will be monitoring the weather conditions and crews to balance the work required and the safety of the crews and residents.

Everyone should continue to use good judgement and reasonable care when navigating Liberty Commons’ property by foot and vehicle to ensure everyone’s safety, at all times.

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