Snow Removal Update — 1/20/2019

The winter storm event is continuing as of the posting of this blog post. Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor and the crew has done a good job of keeping the roads, travel lanes and sidewalks that serve the front entry door to Units and open and passable throughout the storm. Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor is working on making another pass through on the sidewalks and will be treating the roads at or after 6:00 PM. After these tasks are completed, they will be finished for the evening.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees appreciates all those residents who moved to alternative parking spaces and remained there. Unfortunately, some residents prematurely moved their vehicle back to the one assigned parking space for their Unit, thus impeding snow removal efforts. Due to this factor and daylight coming to a close, final cleanup efforts will commence again at or after 9:30 AM on Monday, January 21, 2019, at which time all vehicles must be moved or removed so snow removal can be cleared.

Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor has been in frequent communication with the Board of Trustees with updates and requesting direction based upon current weather conditions, resource utilization and remaining daylight hours.

All residents should continue to use good judgement and reasonable care when navigating Liberty Commons’ property by foot and vehicle, wear appropriate footwear and take all other steps to ensure their own safety and their neighbors. The roads throughout Liberty Commons are in much better condition than Old Mill Road, Jungle Road and Route 117 thanks to the efforts of Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor and Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees appreciate all of their efforts.

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