Tree Removal And Cleanup

Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor will be returning on either Wednesday, December 5, 20181, and/or Thursday, December 6, 20181, to remove the remaining trees and overgrown bushes and cleanup the downed trees. All vehicles will need to be moved out the affected areas, as follows, before 8:00 AM EST:

  • The parking spaces in front of Building 1 (2-16 Gates Crossing) from Unit 16 in an easterly direction (toward Building 2 (18-32 Gates Crossing)
  • The parking spaces in front of Building 2 (18-32 Gates Crossing) from Unit 20 in a westerly direction (toward Building 1 (2-16 Gates Crossing)
  • All parking spaces along the island between Buildings 10 (152-174 Berrington Road) and 11 (153-183 Berrington Road), including the three assigned three (3) assigned parking spaces across from Units 153-157.
  • The parking spaces on the west end of Building 10 (on the side of Unit 152) from the assigned parking space for Unit 152 in a northerly direction toward the back of the property.

Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents must inform all occupants, visitors, guests or nonresidents of the parking restrictions.

People should keep clear of the work area while Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor is setting up, working and cleaning up the area for everyone’s safety. Vehicles should not be driven through these areas of the property until the final cleanup has been performed. Individuals driving through work areas do so at their own risk and liability.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees appreciates everyone’s cooperation, which will allow this necessary work to be performed.

1 Weather conditions and other factors could affect the timing of this work.

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