Natural Gas Leak Repaired — 12/3/2018

During a site audit by the general contractor and Liberty Commons’ Board President, today, Monday, December 3, 2018, a natural gas odor was detected, reported and the leak was repaired at Liberty Commons. NationalGrid responded to the report in less than 1-hour and made the necessary repairs.

As part of the repair process each of the four natural gas meters were turned off in the Pod (a collection of four Units). NationalGrid was able to make entry into two of the four mechanical rooms and relit the pilots for the furnace and hot water heaters. The other two Units will have to contact NationalGrid to have their natural gas meters turned back on and relight the pilot lights for the furnace and hot water heaters. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees has asked the Managing Agent to reach out to each affected Unit Owner to inform them of the situation and what they need to do specifically.

NationalGrid, and the Board previously, has noted that mechanical rooms are not for storage and that furnaces and hot water heaters need air circulation to breathe and function properly. If you have combustible items and/or an excess of personal items stored in the mechanical room, these personal items should be immediately removed, moved into the Unit itself, moved to offsite storage or properly dispose of. No personal items may be stored in Limited Commons Areas (decks and patios) or the Common Area (any area outside the legal boundaries of the Unit), other than as provided in the Rules and Regulations. NationalGrid mentioned that storing such items near the furnace or hot water heater can potentially cause catastrophic outcomes.

It should also be noted that natural gas meters should be kept clear of a build-up of snow and/or ice in winter months. If snow or ice cover the regulator (a round disk) or there is build up of ice on it, it can shutdown the gas supply to all four Units in the Pod. It would be helpful for the occupants of the Pod to work together to check and carefully clear snow and ice from the natural gas meters and regulator periodically. Do not bang or pound on gas pipes, meters or the regulator as this can cause damage or create a dangerous situation. Gently brush the snow and ice away from the meters and regulator for a reasonable distance (a couple of feet or more in all directions).

Liberty Commons has had natural gas meters freeze and crack open, and a few have leaked due to external factors, however all have been resolved without incident, by acting responsibly and quickly. If residents are aware and periodically check on natural gas meters and other elements, we don’t usually have any issues.

NationalGrid has posted information and advice on how to properly address a natural gas leak or issue.

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