Slippery Conditions — 11/16/2018

The winter weather has turned into a rain or rain mix and therefore there are some slippery spots. Everyone should wear appropriate footwear, use an abundance of care, caution and good judgement when navigating Liberty Commons’ property by foot or vehicle and walk like a penguin. Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor has been working throughout the night clearing roads, travel lanes, sidewalks that service the primary entry door to Units, etc.

The majority of residents proactively moved their vehicle or vehicles into alternative parking spaces upon arriving home, which is appreciated. The “usual suspects” made no apparent effort whatsoever to seek alternative parking, even though parking spaces were available to them, thus the fronts of buildings with one or more vehicles were not able to be plowed throughout the snow storm.1 A few Units had visitor, guest, nonresident vehicles on Liberty Commons’ property and enforcement actions have been taken. Some individuals parked to the right (west) of the dumpster between Units 153 and 151, which is a snow stacking/storage area therefore impeding snow removal operations. If anyone parks in a designated snow storage/stacking area, the vehicle is subject to immediate removal by towing at the vehicle owner/operator’s sole expense and liability.

Clearing snow or other winter accumulations is the top priority during winter weather events and everyone has to cooperate to ensure that the grounds maintenance contractor is able to clear any accumulations in an efficient manner2 and make the property reasonably safe. Impeding snow and winter accumulation removal efforts do have real consequences to the individual or individuals who violate the 2018-2019 Snow Removal Procedures, the Rules and Regulations and/or Condominium documents and could have implications on increased in Common Area Fees (i.e., increased master insurance costs, legal expenses, etc.), in the way of daily fines of $20.00 per day per incident and/or removal of vehicle at the vehicle owner/operator’s sole expense and liability (i.e., towing fees, storage fees, opening up the tow facility during non-business hours, etc.). Making poor decisions can be costly and inconvenient. However, full compliance with the 2018-2019 Snow Removal Procedures, the Rules and Regulations and/or Condominium documents can avoid any additional individual expense and inconvenience.

Working together can make snow and winter accumulations removal less of a hassle, less inconvenient and less costly to Liberty Commons Condominium Trust (all Unit Owners) and individuals.

1 Clearing the front of buildings throughout a snow storm is an option for the ground maintenance contractor, but not a contractual obligation.
2 If the grounds maintenance contractor has to return more than once to do the final cleanup of Liberty Commons’ property because a vehicle or vehicles impeded the removal of snow or winter accumulations, then there is an hourly charge with a 4-hour minimum, which will increase expenses to all Unit Owners. It is in every Unit Owner’s best interest to cooperate with the snow removal operations and ensure that neighbors cooperate as well. If you have an elderly or handicapped neighbor, you might want to consider offering a helping hand. The grounds maintenance contractor, managing agent and Board are not authorized to move any vehicle, as in doing so could expose Liberty Commons Condominium Trust to liabilities.

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