Nomination of Trustee 2018

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s Annual Meeting is approaching and an official notice will be mailed via USPS to all Unit Owners at their address on file with the Trust in accordance with the provisions in the Condominium documents.

Being a Trustee is a very demanding, time and energy intensive position that requires flexibility in order to direct and conduct Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s business affairs.

If there is a quorum of more than 50% based upon ownership percentage present at the meeting in person or by proxy then there is one position on the Board open for consideration by the majority of the Unit Owners. The qualifications to be considered are as follows:

  1. You must meet any and all requirements as set forth in the Condominium documents.
  2. You must be a legal Unit Owner named in the recorded Unit Deed and reside at Liberty Commons as your fulltime permanent residence. Non-resident Unit Owners are excluded from serving.
  3. If the Unit’s Unit Deed is a life estate, then you must be the “life estate holder.”
  4. If the Unit’s Unit Deed is a trust, then you must provide documentation that you are a “trustee.”

If there is no quorum of more than 50% based upon ownership percentage present at the meeting or by proxy as required in the Condominium document, then the Annual Meeting will be adjourned and one of two scenarios will occur:

  1. Kevin Buono would continue to serve until the next Annual Meeting that there is a quorum or until such time that he chooses to continue to serve Liberty Commons Condominium Trust until; or
  2. If Kevin Buono were to decide not to continue to serve, then the remaining Trustees would appoint a replacement Trustee as provided for in the Condominium documents to serve until the next Annual Meeting that there is a quorum.

Each Unit Owner was emailed (or mailed if there is no email address on file) a 2018 Trustee Nomination Form, should any legal Unit Owner desire to submit their name and qualifications for consideration by the majority of Unit Owners to represent the best interest of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust. There will be no write in candidates or nominations from the floor at the meeting.

Trustee Term Expires
Steve Stearns Annual Meeting 2019
Nicole Cote Annual Meeting 2019
Kevin Buono Annual Meeting 2018 (provided there is a quorum)

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