Snow Removal Progress — 3/13/2018

Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor has been hard at work since early this morning, Tuesday, March 13, 2018, before 7:30 AM EST, clearing walks that service the front entrances to Units and keeping the roads and travel lanes open and accessible. The shovelers are working on their third pass of Liberty Commons’ property. Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor will continue throughout the duration of the storm.

The whole area is being blanketed with high winds and several inches of snow per hour. Current predictions are up to 20-inches of accumulations. Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor’s focus is to keep roads and travel lanes open and accessible throughout the storm. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees and the grounds maintenance contractor are managing the snow removal efforts and have been and are in periodic contact with each other.

After the conclusion of the storm, individual parking spaces will be cleared in a reasonable manner and timeframe. No visitor, guest, contractor, service providers or other non-resident vehicles are permitted on Liberty Commons’ property until the final cleanup has been completed, which could be up to 72-hours after the conclusion of the storm. While the majority of Unit Owners understand this point, a few Unit Owners simply do not seem to comprehend that snow removal is not performed to their individual expectations, personal schedules, etc. Snow removal is performed based upon weather conditions, the weather’s schedule and timing, type of accumulation, the amount of accumulations, time of day or night, the amount of hours that the grounds maintenance contractor has worked (i.e., the fatigue level), and other factors; and then remaining work is prioritized based on risk factors and areas that are free and clear of vehicles or other obstructions.

Please refer to the Rules and Regulations, the 2017-2018 Snow Removal Procedures and Alternate Parking Locations. Impeding snow removal operations are subject to immediate fines and/or removal by towing at the vehicle owner’s sole expense and liability. Clearing accumulations are the top priority for Liberty Commons Condominium Trust to ensure the safety of all Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents. Let’s all work together to ensure these accumulations can be removed in an efficient and safe manner.

Bona Fide Emergencies

Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent should only be contacted for bona fide emergencies, which is defined as an imminent threat to a Unit, the Building, Common Element or Common Area. Calls to Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent after normal business hours for non-emergencies are subject to the assessment of charges to the individual Unit.

Personal Responsibility

As always, everyone should use good judgement and take reasonable care when navigating Liberty Commons by foot or vehicle, monitoring conditions themselves and wear appropriate footwear for the conditions. If anyone notices any unsafe condition, please notify Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent, so the concern can be assessed and responded to as may be necessary. If there is 2-inches or more of accumulations, then Liberty Commons’ snow removal contractor will clear the accumulations.

Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents may elect to treat walks and areas around vehicles with calcium chloride ice melt products, to ensure the safety of themselves.

In slippery conditions, people should walk like a penguin to reduce one’s risk of a slip or fall.


Those Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents who have opted-in for text message notifications will be notified, however, there is no dependency on the receipt of a text message to move your vehicle(s), as that obligation is that of the Unit Owner or Non-Owner Resident alone.

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