Dumpsters Filled To Capacity

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust pays for onsite trash disposal under a contract based upon weight. A few residents have reported that they believe outsiders are coming into the complex and disposing of their trash in our dumpster. This week, three out of the five dumpsters were filled to capacity, which is uncommon for most of the year. Liberty Commons pays for trash disposal by the weight and if we exceed the weigh limitations, then Unit Owners are looking at an increase in costs for trash disposal.

If Unit Owners and/or Non-Owner Residents observe any non-resident disposing of trash or unloading trash from a vehicle into the dumpster, they should take photographs capturing the person or people, the vehicle including a clear photograph of the license plate and report the date and time to Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent immediately in writing with the photographs, so that steps can be taken to deter and/or stop this behavior. With the assistance of residents, we should be able to solve this problem before Unit Owners incur additional costs.

Non-Resident Unit Owners (those Unit Owners who do not live on the property) are not permitted to dispose of trash into the dumpster. Dumpsters are for household trash generated on the property. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations for more information and restrictions. Boxes should be broken down flat.

There are restrictions, by law and contract, that do not permit hazardous materials from being disposed of in dumpster, such as: construction waste, flooring materials, drywall, carpet padding, insulation, paint, vehicle fluids, and other hazardous materials. These hazardous materials must be disposed of by the Unit Owner or Non-Owner Resident offsite at an appropriate facility.

Holiday trees may not be disposed of in dumpster nor anywhere on the property (i.e., over the banking or along the perimeter tree line) and must be removed and properly disposed of. Holiday trees are also a fire hazard once they have dried out. Holiday trees may not be place or stored outside any Unit (i.e., on decks, patios, or anywhere in the Common Areas) not even momentarily.

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