2017 Informational Meeting

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s Declaration of Trust and Bylaws requires more than 50% to attend based upon Ownership Percentage either in person or by proxy to conduct an annual meeting. Since only 14.9501% Ownership Percentage (20 out of 132 Units) attended the 2017 Annual Meeting, the meeting had to be adjourned.

The Annual Meeting was replaced instead with an Informational Meeting for those Unit Owners who wished to remain and participate. The planned agenda was suspended for an informal Unit Owner participation session at the agreement of the Unit Owners present. Some Unit Owners who normally do not attend meetings were in attendance due to their dissatisfaction with the costly increase in Common Area Fees, starting December 1, 2017, that is due to the actions of a few individuals. These individuals who do not regularly attend are generally satisfied with the performance of Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees and therefore don’t attend meetings, but wanted to find a solution to dealing with these few individuals who caused the increase in Common Area Fees and mitigate future increases.

The core few individuals who have and are continuing to contribute to these additional burdens on all Unit Owners were not in attendance at this meeting, otherwise they would have heard firsthand the displeasure, dissatisfaction and frustration from the majority of other Unit Owners in attendance and we are positive they are not alone in these feelings. There was a lot of bantering back and forth of what they would like to see done, some suggested taking legal action against them and other steps to make their dissatisfaction known to these few individuals. Some suggestions could have some merits while others simply do not. One repetitive theme of a couple of individuals was that they will not allow these few individuals to “bullying” the majority and they want to find out who these individuals are to personally have a very direct conversation with them.

Some informed and knowledgeable Unit Owners spoke up at the meeting which was refreshing to experience and countered some complaints, false assumptions and rehashing of things that have already been discussed and decided. It would be nice to experience this more often and in doing so just might be enough to counter the negativity of these few individuals are injecting into Liberty Commons. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees and the majority of Unit Owners have to work together within the framework of the Master Deed, the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws, all other Condominium documents, the law and in the best interests of the majority of Unit Owners to make positive progress to mitigate the unnecessary expenses and conflict being generated by a few individuals, as their hatred and ignorance does not help to promote a better sense of community and is self-destructive. All of this has to be balanced, which is not always easy, sometimes unpopular, and some individuals simply do not understand these facts, what they purchased and how things truly are. Individuals have to have a broad view, rather than a singular or narrow perspective, which seems more challenging for some.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees is very open to hearing from Unit Owners with viable ideas to deal with these few individuals, provided that they are legal and in the best interests of the Association. Any suggestions can be submitted in writing and sent to Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees and Managing Agent will review the notes from this informational meeting to explore possible options to trying to mitigate the financial implications and other factors that these few individuals have caused all Unit Owners including the Board. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees have been good with finding creative ways to contain costs, making smart investments and will continue to do so. One individual stepped forward after the meeting and offered to assist as possible. Everyone has a stake in solving this, it is not just the Board’s problem alone to solve.

In all of this, it is important to remember that the overwhelming majority of residents are happy and satisfied with their homes, their neighbors and the positive environment at Liberty Commons. Liberty Commons is a wonderful place to live and together we have to build upon our collective common interests and celebrate our differences in a respectful manner.

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