Large Fox Visiting Liberty Commons

There is a very large fox roaming around Liberty Commons’ property and the surrounding area from dusk to dawn. Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents should be aware of what’s around them for their own safety at all times, but especially if you are out and about at night and early mornings. As always, no trash, waste or food is to be left outside any Unit not even momentarily. All trash is to be immediately placed inside dumpsters and the doors closed, as this will help deter other animals as well. If a dumpster is full, then there are four other dumpsters to utilize.

Liberty Commons is surrounded by a lot of open undeveloped land. However, that also means we have wild animals that visit Liberty Commons too. Liberty Commons occasionally gets foxes, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, wild turkeys, deer, bears and even a goat, although that probably wasn’t too wild.

It is best to avoid wild animals to reduce the risks of injury or harm. By being aware and everyone’s cooperation we can make Liberty Commons less attractive as a food source and attraction for wild animals.

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