Meeting Reminder: Next Meeting — April 26, 2017

Liberty Commons’ next Board of Trustees Meeting will be on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, beginning at 6:30 PM1 at The Eagles2, located at at 456 Litchfield Street in Leominster, Massachusetts. Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s Board of Trustees’ Meeting is a private meeting and is open to Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents to attend and participate in a productive manner.3

There is a Special Topic — Grills at Liberty Commons, that is intended to allow input from Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents, and therefore the remainder of the agenda is contingent upon time constraints of the meeting. Depending upon the level of input from Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents will determine if the entire agenda can be accomplished or not.


    • Introductions
    • Meeting Guidelines3
      • Board of Trustees facilitate the meeting
      • Respect and value each other and each other’s viewpoints
      • One person speaks at a time, when recognized by the Board of Trustees, and no side conversations4
      • No video or audio recording is permitted
      • Individual concerns and/or issues are not topics for discussion at this meeting

Special Topic — Grills at Liberty Commons

  • 527 CMR 1.00, The Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code prohibits grills within 10-feet (radius) in all directions from any combustible structure or material (i.e., buildings, siding, decks, deck stairs, and deck landings, etc.). Therefore, this is the law and Liberty Commons Condominium Trust must comply and ban grills at Liberty Commons.
  • Additionally, the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) provided community grilling guidelines that no grill be within 15-feet (radius) in all directions from any combustible structure material (i.e., plants, plant materials, bark mulch, bushes, shrubs, buildings, decks, decks stairs, etc.), and therefore there is no area on Liberty Commons’ property that would meet these requirements.
  • Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees consulted with our insurance agent/carrier who provided the NFPA’s Loss Control Technical Bulletin for Outdoor Grilling Safeguards and recommended incorporating the same into the Rules and Regulations.

President’s Report

  • Unit Owner/Non-Owner Resident/Contractor Interactions
  • Snow Removal Procedures and Efforts (Opt-Ins for Text Messages)
  • Preventative Roof Maintenance (Roof Raking)
  • Tree Removal and Deck/Deck Stair Damages
  • 6-Month Grounds Maintenance Contract (Secino’s Landscaping, Inc.)
  • Waste Disposal Contractor (Casella Waste Systems)
  • Sewer Pump Station Preventative Maintenance Costs

Old Business

  • Grounds Improvement Initiative
  • Winter Common Area Damages Master Insurance Policy Claim
  • Erosion Control (restoration)

New Business

  • Pavement Restoration
  • Perimeter Tree Mitigation5
  • Replacement of Mailboxes (one set out of the two remaining sets)5
  • Parking Space Line Painting5
  • Pressure Washing Decks and Sealing/Staining5

Unit Owner’s Forum (time permitting)

Executive Session (as needed)

1 Even if you can’t make to the meeting promptly at 6:30 PM, please stop by and participate.
2 This is the venue where Liberty Commons’ residents vote in elections.
3 Those that abide by the Meeting Guidelines are welcome to participate. Those who are not able to positively contribute will be asked to leave.
4 If someone did not hear something and/or needs clarification on something that was said, then please wait to be recognized by the Board of Trustees.
5 Contingent upon budget, scheduling, risks, contractor availability and other factors; and could be postponed or removed from consideration.

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