Annual Meeting Minutes — 11/9/2016

On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, Liberty Commons Condominium Trust held its Annual Meeting at The Eagles, 456 Litchfield Street, Leominster, MA. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM. Trustees present were Steve Stearns, President; Jason Mitchell, Vice President, and Nicole Cote, Trustee. Amelia Rainville and Paul Degennaro, Property Managers, represented North Point Property Management, LLC (North Point). Attorney Charles Perkins, representing Perkins & Anctil, P.C.

Validation of Quorum:

The required quorum of more than 50% of the Unit Owner Percentage was achieved with 55.1443% of the Unit Owner Percentage validated in-person and by proxy.


Steve Stearns, President of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, introduced himself, Jason Mitchell, Nicole Cote; Amelia Rainville and Paul Degennaro (North Point Property Management, LLC.); Attorney Charles Perkins (Perkins & Anctil, PC); and Ryan Secino (Secino’s Landscaping, Inc.).

Meeting Guidelines:

  • Meetings are facilitated by the Board of Trustees
  • Be respectful
  • One person speaks at a time; no side conversations
  • Only legal Unit Owners may participate (and attend)
  • No video or audio recording of the meeting


As there was a quorum of more than 50%, the annual meeting and election of Trustees proceeded. Steve Stearns announced the intention of the current Board of Trustees to continue to serve Unit Owners and asked if there were any other resident Unit Owners who wished to be considered. Three individuals expressed interest: Linda Mims, Lynn Thibault, and Paul Bigeau. Each candidate was given the opportunity to introduce themselves and speak to their experience. 

Election Results:

With the approval of the Board of Trustees, Charles Perkins asked for two Unit Owner volunteers to observe the counting of the votes. Patricia Pultorak and David Macone volunteered to assist. Steve Stearns gave clear instructions that Amelia Rainville and Paul Degennaro would count the votes and that Patricia Pultorak and David Macone would monitor, stop the count and raise any questions as necessary, and independently validate the vote count for each candidate. The official results were tabulated as follows:

Candidate Total Ownership Percentage Percent of Votes Cast Term Expires
Steven S. Stearns 35.3802 63% Annual Meeting 2019
Nicole M. Cote 34.0102 61% Annual Meeting 2019
Jason P. Mitchell 33.3252 60% Annual Meeting 2019
Linda Mims 19.6252 35%
Lynn Thibault 17.8385 32%
Paul Bigeau 15.7835 28%

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust has a three-person Board of Trustees, and as such Steve Stearns, Jason Mitchell, and Nicole Cote were elected by the majority of Unit Owners to continue to serve Liberty Commons Condominium Trust with their terms expiring at the Annual Meeting in November 2019.

After the election results were announced, David Macone objected to the election results, even though he observed and validated the vote count. His objection related to proxies provided to the Board of Trustees by individual Unit Owners, but had no objection to the proxies signed over to individual Unit Owners. Attorney Charles Perkins stated that he had reviewed the proxies and was satisfied that the proxies met the requirements established and noted that two proxies were sealed (not counted toward the quorum nor votes cast). Amelia Rainville further stated that North Point had custody of the proxies and all established procedures had been compiled with.

Unit Owner Forum:

The Board of Trustees gave the Unit Owners the option of continuing with the meeting agenda as presented or move to the Unit Owner Forum. Unit Owners opted to move into the Unit Owner Forum and a variety of questions were asked and answered by Attorney Charles Perkins, the Board of Trustees, and North Point.

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