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Anti-Tractor Trailer Truck Measures

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees working with our landscape contractors, Secino’s Landscaping, Inc., has begun the installation of some anti-tractor trailer truck measures at each of the entrances to the property. Large boulders are being strategically placed to impede access to Liberty Commons’ property by tractor trailer trucks. Tractor trailer truck Read More...

It is becoming a daily/nightly things whereas tractor trailer truck drivers that don't read the warning signs on Old Mill Road at Jungle Road and drive all the way down to the sewer pump station, and then need the Leominster Police Department to assist them. What a waste of taxpayer's dollars and police resources that could be better spent on other things. Plus, the damage that tractor trailer trucks have caused to Liberty Commons' property.

Payment Of Condominium Obligations

On October 19, 2016, Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees updated the Rules and Regulations to revise and incorporate the previous Late Fee Resolution enacted by the previous Board of Trustees in 2012 and shall be fully enforceable on October 28, 2016. Article 9 — Payment of Condominium Obligations supersedes the Late Fee Read More...

Liberty Commons' landscape contractor has completed the landscape improvements on Building 1 (2-16 Gates Crossing), Building 2 (18-32 Gates Crossing), Building 3 (1-23 Berrington Road), and Building 4 (25-39 Berrington Road) except for the installation of bark mulch and a few minor adjustments. They are in the process of working on Building 11 (153-183 Berrington Road). The fronts of the Units require more detailed work, because the underlying topography and drainage is being improved to ensure proper drainage into the ground and into catch basins. Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents should not enter the work areas while work is in progress, including the roads around the work areas for everyone's safety. The feedback from Unit Owner and Non-Owner Resident has been overwhelming positive and uplifting. People are excited with the positive transformation and results, including the developer who built Liberty Commons. This is the first phase, so more phases will follow in the coming years, that will add in appropriate plant materials and perhaps other refinements.

Unlike magnets, people attract to like people, positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. People who are positive are open, secure, giving, caring, kind and achieve more. People who are negative are closed, needy of approval and attention, and create more despair and unhappiness for themselves and others around them and tend to spin in circles not achieving much at all. Choose wisely.
— Steve Stearns