Meeting Reminder: Next Meeting — May 25, 2016

Liberty Commons’ next Board of Trustees and Unit Owners Meeting will be on Wednesday, May 25, 2016, beginning at 6:30 PM1 at The Eagles2, located at at 456 Litchfield Street in Leominster, Massachusetts. All Unit Owners are welcome and encouraged to participate.

The agenda is as follows:


    • Introductions
    • Meeting Guidelines3
      • Board of Trustees facilitate the meeting
      • Respect and value each other and each other’s viewpoints
      • One person speaks at a time, when recognized by the Board of Trustees, and no side conversations4

President’s Report

  • Sewer Pump Station
    • Replaced a value and piping
    • Discovered that Pump 1 was removed and Pump 2 has seal issues
    • Ordered two new submersible sewer pumps
    • Complete failure of sewer pump station
    • Pumped 14,500 gallons of waste products from wet well and sewer manholes and averted backup into Units
    • Operational in two days of failure
    • Upgrades to control panel and alarm
    • Backup pump is being rebuilt as am on-site spare
  • Common Area Maintenance Initiatives
    • Satellite Dishes (unused and unclaimed removed and restoration)
    • Miscellaneous repairs and restorations
    • Concrete Walks
    • Pavement
    • Stone and Mulch
    • Plant Maintenance (trimming, removal, ad relocation)
    • Erosion Control (restoration)
  • Winter Common Area Damages Master Insurance Policy Claim
    • Claim Inspections
  • Updates and Reminders
    • Compliance and Unit Owner Responsibilities

Old Business

        • Common Area Water Meters and Faucets
        • Common Area Crawl Space Inspections and Preventative Maintenance
        • Erosion Control (Monitoring)

New Business

  • Amendments of Rules and Regulations
    • Landscaping
    • Storage of Personal Items
    • Grills
    • Rentals

Unit Owner’s Forum

Executive Session

Again, we welcome and encourage all Unit Owners to participate in our community. We have a lot of challenges and opportunities ahead of us. However, with the expertise of Unit Owners, working together, we can overcome these challenges and turn them into successes, and thrive as a community moving forward. We’ll need to invest to secure financial security in the future. With the positive changes that Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees have already made, we’re moving down a different and better path. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees are focused on results, and are partnering with those individuals and entities who have our success as their primary goal. Our success is their success.

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Upcoming Board of Trustees and Unit Owner Meetings: August 24, 2016 and November 9, 2016 (Annual Meeting).

1 Even if you can’t make it promptly at 6:30 PM, please stop by and participate.
2 This is the venue where Liberty Commons’ residents vote in elections.
3 Those that abide by the Meeting Guidelines are welcome to participate. Those who are not able to positively contribute will be asked to leave.
4 If someone did not hear something and/or needs clarification on something that was said, then please wait to be recognized by the Board of Trustees.

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