Sink Hole Filled In

Jason Mitchell and I, filled a sink hole with sand in front of Building 6 (71-103 Berrington Road) that may have formed due to a leaking water main pipe a while ago that was previously repaired. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees will be monitoring the situation to determine if more extensive repairs are required.

Francis Finneran, a Unit Owner, was kind enough to donated sandbags to Liberty Commons, which were used to fill a couple of sink holes, one at Gates Crossing and the aforementioned sink hole. Francis Finneran uses sandbags each year as additional weight in his pickup truck during the winter. Rather than throwing them out in the Spring, he asked if Liberty Commons could use them. Well, we finally found a use for the sandbags.

Additionally, Jason Mitchell and I placed the remaining sandbags on the edge of the sidewalk behind Building 5 (41-71 Berrington Road) to aid in the “containment” of any erosion from the hillside behind the Building, due to multiple Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents’ unauthorized removal of natural plant materials on the slope above the stone retaining wall and the construction of “separation” stone walls on the hillside. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees have asked for the assistance of those Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents involved in the removal of natural vegetation, the planting of flowers, and construction of stone walls that inadvertently created the problem that we now need to address to step forward and become a part of the solution.  One Non-Owner Resident has stepped forward and we are awaiting a response from the remainder of them, however, time is of the essence. Failure of these remaining Unit Owners to step forward, may require hiring a contractor to resolve the issues at expenses to those Unit Owners. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees do not feel it would be fair nor equitable to assess all of the restoration costs to all Unit Owners, because the problem was created by a few who altered the Common Areas without authorization. Unit Owners who are willing to participate in solving this problem, should use the Get In Touch form to let Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees know your intensions.

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