Irrigation System Maintenance

Today, Saturday, May 30, 2015, Juanita Lofton from Liberty Commons’ landscape contractor, Secino’s Landscaping, Inc., was on-site most of the day replacing sprinkler heads and adjusting the spray areas to maximize the watering area and to avoid pavement as much as possible, except curbing. Ryan Secino later joined Juanita Lofton with a few crew members to wrap things up. All irrigation zone have been activated except one, the one plumbed from Building 11 (153-183 Berrington Road) as there are two value issues that we will need the Association’s plumber to replace. Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent, Empire Condominium Professionals, was advised of the maintenance issue. Once the valves are replaced and water is supplied to the irrigation zone, the landscapers will activate that zone and replace and/or adjust any sprinkler heads that need it.

Liberty Commons’ landscape contractors, Secino’s Landscaping, Inc., also placed two signs on the property advising Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents that the installation of bark mulch will begin on Monday, June 1, 2015 and most-likely be completed on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. If you live in a garden-style Unit, it might be advisable to close your windows during the day, so nothing is accidentally blown inside. The plan is to weed the areas that will be bark mulched before installing the bark mulch, but depending upon the crew size and progression, weeding could take place after the bark mulch is laid down. Removal of invasive roses are not a part of the weeding program.

As a reminder, no bark mulch will be installed within the mulch beds that surround Buildings, as the Massachusetts Fire Code prohibits that. We are awaiting a quote on stones for the beds around Buildings.

Liberty Commons’ landscape contractors, Secino’s Landscaping, Inc., will also be scheduling a sub-contractor to treat the grubs in some areas, and to fertilize the grassed areas.

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