Adrian Pelka Not Longer With Empire

Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent, Empire Condominium Professionals, notified Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees that as of today, Tuesday, May 26, 2015, that Adrian Pelka is no longer employed by Empire Condominium Professionals. Adrian Pelka was the fifth Property Manager that Liberty Commons has had since Empire Condominium Professionals was retained in 2012. However, Adrian Pelka had the shortest duration, less than two months. Being a Property Manager, isn’t a position for everyone.

Carl J. Gore will be stepping up to fill this void during the interim and/or on a longterm basis. If you were working with Adrian Pelka on any open or unresolved issue, please reach out to Carl J. Gore via email at libertycommonsmanager@empiremgnt.com1 and/or by telephone at 978-537-4040 to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transition, so nothing is overlooked. You can also contact Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees for assistance.

Carl J. Gore and I will be discussing a transition plan tomorrow to find the best and most efficient path forward for Liberty Commons Condominium Trust to adjust to this latest development and to have continuity of services. More details will be released in the coming weeks.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees appreciate Unit Owners’ continued patience and support during the whole transition and the changes that we are making to streamline Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s operations, institute cost-containment efforts, etc. If Unit Owners have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jason Mitchell and/or myself. Change is a part of life and we have to roll with it.

1 This is an email address that can be redirected to the Property Manager and/or other support staff, should coverage become necessary, due to vacation, illness, or other unforeseen circumstance. It is a consistent email address that Unit Owners can use to reach Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent, Empire Condominium Professionals.

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