Roof Repairs On Units 3 and 5

It was all hands on deck today, with Matt Fournier, Rob, Derek, and Joe from Elite Construction & Design, plus Carl Gore from Empire Condominium Professionals (our Managing Agent) to fully assess the reported water infiltration issues. After comprehensively assessing the reported water infiltration issues on Units 3 and 5 (the first reported issues), Matt Fournier and Carl Gore spent several hours walking the entire property looking at all potential issues, including the other reported issues with Unit 117 and Unit 181.

Matt Fournier with his crew developed a plan to address the truly minor issues in the grand scheme of things and his crew executed upon the repairs. Although, it appeared to be a lot of work, it was a rather simple design adjustment that should resolve the problems experienced. Rob and Derek made the necessary repairs in their normal high quality workmanship and professionalism. These issues will be monitored by everyone in upcoming snow storms to ensure their performance and design specifications.

With a roofing project of this magnitude, sometimes there are some minor adjustments that need to be made, due to different conditions, weather and wind patterns, etc. Roofs in New England require certain regular on-going maintenance routines throughout the winter months to ensure optimal performance. Matt Fournier and Carl Gore discussed these in detail and will be putting and plan into motion to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of our new roofs and minimize or eliminate ice dams as much as is possible. It is not reasonable to expect that we won’t have any ice dams in New England. However, the goal is to ensure that we minimize water infiltration issues. If the roofs shed the water without water infiltration then the roofs have performed as they should. The overwhelming majority of roofs performed as they were expected to, so the roofing project was a success. With all the design changes made by Elite Construction  & Design, should solve a majority of the issues we experienced in the past.

This morning, Empire Condominium Professional’s maintenance crews raked all of the roofs over entries and sanded walks. They then clean up the snow off of the walks.

This is the kind of proactive response that we, as Unit Owners, should expect and receive from our Managing Agent (Empire Condominium Professionals) and our contractors (Elite Construction & Design). I for one am pleased with the response and professionalism of them.

There are certain Buildings at Liberty Commons that due to their solar orientation and wind patterns, that will require on-going regular maintenance routines (i.e., roof raking by the Association). No Unit Owner should touch the roofs or Common Elements. Building 3 (1-23 Berrington Road), Building 4 (25-39 Berrington Road), Building 7 (80-102 Berrington Road), Building 9 (121-151 Berrington Road), and Building 11 (153-183 Berrington Road) are known to be challenging buildings due to their solar orientation and winter wind patterns. Building 7 and Building 11 have north-facing fronts, so they will naturally be more snow build up on the front roofs due to their solar orientation. Our Managing Agent (Empire Condominium Professionals) is fully aware of these challenges.

None of the reported water infiltration issues experienced are anything to panic about. They are truly minor in scope and magnitude. If you notice anything, please don’t overreact, contact our Managing Agent (Empire Condominium Professionals) immediately and they will assess any reported issues and determine the appropriate corrective action, is any is necessary.

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