More Fiction In Meeting Minutes

Under the requirements of the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws, the Association shall keep accurate and detailed records of all meetings. However, Paul Weizer and the rest of the unelected and self-appointed Board of Trustees (John Lind, Bob Castle, and Becky Patella) have made it common practice for them to distribute misinformation and fiction to Unit Owners to intentionally mislead and deceive Unit Owners.

Article X — Records

Section 1. Records and Audits. The Board shall keep detailed records of the actions of the Board, minutes of the meetings of the Board, minutes of the meetings of the Unit Owners, and financial records and books of account of the Condominium, including a chronological listing of receipts and expenditures, as well as a separate account for each Unit, which, among other things, shall contain the amount of each assessment of common charges against such Unit, the date when due, the amounts paid thereon, and the balance remaining unpaid. An annual report of the receipts and expenditures of the Condominium, prepared by an independent certified public accountant, shall be rendered by the Board to all Unit Owners promptly after the end of each fiscal year. Copies of the Master Deed, these By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and floor plans of the Buildings and Units, as the same may be amended from time to time, shall be maintained at the office of the Board and shall be available for inspection by Unit Owners, their mortgagees and their authorized agents during reasonable business hours.

The November 13, 2013, Meeting Minutes contain more inaccurate information. This is not the first time this has happened. This a continuing pattern. Paul Weizer, as the unelected and self-appointed Clerk, seems to feel it is okay to write about his own delusions in our Meeting Minutes and call them facts.


“An owner asked members of the board what they think is working well? What isn’t working well? Why do you want to be on the board? Paul [Weizer] spoke about how serving on the board is an excellent way to protect your investment and to really understand all that goes on in your community. He pointed out that everyone who has ever volunteered to serve on the board has been given an opportunity. It is frustrating that many people have told us that they would like to serve but won’t because they fear being attacked by one individual. Paul [Weizer] urged people thinking about joining that this should not dissuade you. The criticism from a vocal critic is far outweighed by the satisfaction of seeing improvements being made and knowing your investment is sound. Paul [Weizer] also stated that one of the things going really well as the move to hire Empire [Condominium Professionals] who has done a wonderful job in keeping us informed and dealing with the day to day issues.”

“One owner complained about the proxy process. Carl [Gore] explained that this process was not new (we used the same process last year) and is designed to ensure owners are legally represented at the meeting so their interests is served. Without some way to verify the intent of the owner is giving a proxy, it cannot be valid. Carl [Gore] stated that he did not get one phone call or email prior to the meeting from anyone looking to designate a proxy but who was unable to do so. However, if he had, he would have worked with such an owner so they were represented.”

Reality Check

Meeting Minutes are legal documents of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust.

Meeting Minutes are not Paul Weizer’s own personal agenda, his attempt to vilify one or more Unit Owners, nor are they a practice session for any ambitions he might have of writing fiction about his own delusions or “reality distortion field.” One thing that Paul Weizer actually said at the Annual Meeting (2013) that he does not like being criticized. Apparently, Paul Weizer feels no one should ever question him or the other unelected and self-appointed Trustees (John Lind, Bob Castle, and Becky Patella) and seems to project to Unit Owners that he and the other unelected and self-appointed Trustees (John Lind, Bob Castle, and Becky Patella) are not accountable to us, the Unit Owners, when in fact they are. Liberty Commons is a democracy not a dictatorship.

At Association meetings over the years, Paul Weizer has often exhibited the following unacceptable behaviors that are apparent to many Unit Owners:

  • Laughs at Unit Owners with legitimate concerns
  • Attempted to belittle Unit Owners
  • Rolls his eyes constantly at Unit Owners when Unit Owners are speaking
  • Has told the Managing Agent to ignore more than one Unit Owner
  • Is extremely condescending when speaking or communicating with Unit Owners
  • Is dismissive of Unit Owners and their valid concerns and advice
  • Any concerns raised by Unit Owners are never placed on the agenda under Old Business, they simply don’t exist and are not addressed (no accountability)
  • At one meeting with Bob and Betty Leone, Steve Stearns, Becky Wolfram, John Lind, Christine Cordio, and Paul Weizer; Paul Weizer pouted in the corner like a small child because he could not get his own way after being called out by Bob and Betty Leone for his false and misleading accusations levied against Steve Stearns. According to Bob and Betty Leone, Paul Weizer verbally assaulted them at the mailboxes and made accusations that Steve Stearns lied in the comprehensive Historical Overview Presentation. Of course, all the information in the presentation can be fact checked and is correct. In fact, Becky Wolfram, John Lind, Christine Cordio, and Paul Weizer were given the opportunity to point out any incorrect information or data. The unelected and self-appointed Board of Trustees said it was all correct and they were just embarrassed because it clearly illustrated the facts to the Unit Owners, the unelected and self-appointed Board of Trustees’ deficiencies, and the disservice they have done to the Unit Owners of Liberty Commons

When the unelected and self-appointed Board of Trustees asked “Why don’t Unit Owners attend meetings?” the majority of these observations were pointed out to the Board of Trustees. Later, I was told that the other unelected and self-appointed Trustees told Paul Weizer that he actually does these things to Unit Owners. I am told that Paul Weizer was of course in his usual state of denial and dismissiveness. In Paul Weizer’s mind (because he has stated it in meetings), Unit Owners don’t attend meeting because they are happy with the performance of the unelected and self-appointed Board of Trustees. However, many Unit Owners disagree with Paul Weizer’s assumption of their happiness; and state their reasons for not attending are the bad behaviors, that they feel that the unelected and self-appointed Board of Trustees don’t listen nor address their concerns, and that it is pointless and a waste of time to bring anything to the Board of Trustees because in their minds nothing will be done. These are the exact reasons why the most Unit Owners need to get involved and scrutinize their actions and inactions and hold them accountable to us, the Unit Owners.

The aforementioned unacceptable behaviors and the discrepancies in the Meeting Meetings should be quite clear to anyone who attends a meeting and then reads the Meeting Minutes afterwards.

Megalomania is a psychopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence. “Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs.” — Wikipedia

In my option and those of other Unit Owners, is that Paul Weizer is an significant liability to Liberty Commons and adds no value whatsoever. Liberty Commons has declined substantially since he has been on the Board of Trustees (financially and otherwise). This should be self-evident by anyone reviewing the financial records of Liberty Commons alone, as documented in the comprehensive Historical Overview Presentation. Paul Weizer seems to enjoy being an obstructionist and likes to blame others for his and the other unelected and self-appointed Trustees deficiencies. Case and point, Paul Weizer and the other unelected and self-appointed Trustees blamed our previous Managing Agent for the unelected and self-appointed Board of Trustees utter failure in their fiduciary responsibilities to Unit Owners. When in fact, the Board of Trustees are the responsible party, not the Managing Agent. Paul Weizer nor any of the other unelected and self-appointed Trustees1 have ever taken responsibilities nor ownership of their role in the fiduciary irresponsibility and other significant problems that they created and continue to create for all of Unit Owners.

The Unit Owners of Liberty Commons deserve so much better than we have got from these unelected and self-appointed Board of Trustees since 2005. In 2014, it is time for the majority of Unit Owners to enact significant positive change with a whole new elected Board of Trustees who actually manage the Association, it’s business affairs with sound business judgement, and represent the majority of Unit Owners interests.

1 The only exception is Becky Wolfram, who told the other unelected and self-appointed Trustees (John Lind and Paul Weizer) that they [the Trustees] have done Liberty Commons a great disservice. I have a lot of respect for Becky Wolfram for coming to this realization, based up the information contained in the comprehensive Historical Overview Presentation, and admitting it.

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