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Roofing Project: Building 3 — Day 4

On Wednesday, August 28, 2013, Elite Construction & Design, Liberty Commons’ general/ roofing contractor, continued work on Building 3 (1-23 Berrington Road). The progress for the day was as follows: The vinyl siding around on the sides of dormers and on side walls were removed to allow for new ice Read More...

Revealing Conversation With Paul Weizer

Paul Weizer: I never wanted to be on the Board of Trustees.

Steve Stearns: Really? Then why are you still on the Board after all these years?

Paul Weizer: I will not resign until I have people in place that will do exactly what I want them to. You can be on the Board of Trustees, but you can’t be President, can’t have any authority or make any decisions. You can do all the work that we [the other Trustees] don’t want to do.

It takes more time and energy trying to go around problems than it does trying to solve them.
— Unknown

Alleged Thief Of Contractor’s Generator Spotted On The Property

This morning, Steve Stearns and Steve Modica of Elite Construction & Design’s foreman observed the alleged thief, Richard P. Zmijewski, who was arrested for the theft of Elite Construction & Design’s two generators and a two wheel dolly running onto Liberty Commons’ property this morning.  He allegedly obtained Denise Zmijewski’s mail from the mail carrier. Read More...

Contractor’s Compressor And Ladder Stolen

Last night between dust and dawn, Elite Construction & Design’s subcontractor’s gasoline compressor ($1,200) and a 24-foot ladder ($300) were stolen from the end of Building 3 (near 23 Berrington Road). The Leominster Police Department were notified of the theft by Steve Stearns. Steve Stearns and Steve Modica of Elite Read More...