End Two Bedroom Garden

Legal Description:

Type 3 units are end garden style two bedroom with approximately 939 net square feet of area all located on the ground floor. The units consist of a master bedroom with closet, second bedroom with closet, dining room, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Each Type 3 is Unit equipped with washer, dryer, refrigerator, garbage disposer, microwave oven and air conditioner. Each Unit also has a separately metered electrical, gas, water and sewer service, a self-contained gas-fired heating system and gas-fired hot water tank, and its own mechanical closet located at the rear of the Unit.


The recorded square footage for Unit Type 3s range from 904-908± square feet. The median square footage for this Unit Type is 907± sq. ft.


  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Sanitary Code sets the maximum occupancy of not more than 3 human beings (of all ages).
  • Units 71, 73, and 152 were originally Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) handicapped compliant units at the time of their construction.
  • The ownership percentage interest of this Unit is: 0.8239
  • The maximum number of vehicles per Unit is not more than two vehicles, as set in the Master Deed, the original and each subsequent Unit Deed, the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws, the Rules and Regulations, Resolutions, and all other governing documents both current and future.
  • The Unit Owner(s), their guests, visitors, tenants, and/ or any other individuals are subject the obligations and restrictions set forth in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ General Laws Chapter 183A, the Master Deed, the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws, the Rules and Regulations, Resolutions, all other governing documents both current and future, and all Federal, State, and local laws, ordinances, or similar requirements and obligations.
  • There are three Unit Type 3s in the development.
  • Unit Type 4 – Two Bedroom Townhouse (End) sits above of this Unit.


Bldg Pod Address Sq. Ft. Handicapped Accessible
5 5.1 71 Berrington Road 907 Yes
6 6.4 73 Berrington Road 908 Yes
10 10.1 152 Berrington Road 904 Yes

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