Update Address Information

Each Unit Owner is required to maintain current contact information with Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, as required under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 183A. It is imperative that this information be kept current for important notifications and communications from the Liberty Commons Condominium Trust or its Managing Agent to Unit Owners, etc., such as:

  • Meeting Announcements
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Amendments to Rules and Regulations, Procedures, Operating Guidelines, etc.
  • Notifications for emergencies that affect Units
  • Preventative Maintenance Notifications

If any of your contact information has changes, please complete and submit this form.

  • Please enter a value between 1 and 183.
    Please enter just the Unit Number (1-183) ONLY, not the Unit Number and Street Address.
  • Please select the type of address this is.

This information is utilized by Liberty Commons Condominium Trust and its Managing Agent.