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Liberty Commons' grounds maintenance contractor is treating the roads and travel lanes in parking lots again (at 5:40 AM EST). Walks were treated at 3:30 AM EST. Please use an abundance of good judgement and care when navigating Liberty Commons' property by foot or vehicle and wear appropriate footwear for the conditions. With all the freezing rain late into the night, there may be some slippery spots. Walk like a penguin to reduce the risk of falls or injuries. The removal of accumulations will continue later this morning, where vehicles were parked. Where vehicles were parked are likely to be icy spots, as these areas could not be treated due to a vehicle being parked there.

Liberty Commons' snow removal contractor treated the roads, travel lanes and walks that service the front doors to Units on the morning of Friday, February 2, 2018, to address the previous night's freezing rain conditions. Freezing rain conditions sometimes produces "black ice," so everyone should continue to use good judgement and reasonable care when navigating the property by foot or vehicle.

Weather forecasters are predicting a dusting to 2-inches of snow or other accumulations overnight, Monday, January 29, 2018, and into the morning, Tuesday, January 30, 2018, for the area. As always, everyone should use good judgement and take reasonable care when navigating Liberty Commons by foot or vehicle. If anyone notices any unsafe condition, please notify Liberty Commons' Managing Agent, so the concern can be assessed and responded to as may be necessary. If there is 2-inches or more of accumulations, then Liberty Commons' snow removal contractor will clear the accumulations. Since winter weather is predicted, all visitor, guest and non-resident vehicles must be removed from Liberty Commons' property in its entirety. Please consult the Rules and Regulations and the 2017-2018 Snow Removal Procedures for guidance and obligations.

Last night, Monday, January 22, 2018, and this morning, Tuesday, January 23, 2018, Liberty Commons' snow removal contractor treated roads and travel lanes with salt. However, with the rain all day and the fluctuating temperatures, it has been and is a big challenge to treat the exterior surfaces. Unit Owners, Non-Owner Residents and visitors should use extreme caution and good judgement when navigating Liberty Commons' property (and beyond) by foot or vehicle for the next several days. Applying ice melt on walks has had little impact as it is washing away before it can be effective. People recommend walking or shuffling like a penguin which is good advice. Liberty Commons' snow removal contractor will continue to treat roads, travel lanes and walks as effectively as possible.

The snow removal contractor was at Liberty Commons removing snow for over 9-hours from roads, travel lanes and from buildings where all vehicles were clear of all vehicles and did not impede snow removal operations. The shovelers cleared all walks and are currently clearing the walks again (at around 6:00 PM EST) and treating the walks. Snow removal from parking space will continue tomorrow morning, Thursday, January 18, 2018.