Preventative Tree Maintenance Complete

The tree removal contractor that Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees selected, M&M Tree Service. LLC, completed all of the preventative tree maintenance planned for 2017. This preventative tree removal work reduced potential liabilities and ongoing maintenance and maintenance costs.

  • Trees limbs and a few trees were removed from behind Building 1 (2-16 Gates Crossing) and Building 11 (153-183 Berrington Road), that were covering or impeding use of decks and overhanging the rear walks.
  • Trees branches along the south side of Gates Crossing were removed to allow for snow removal equipments to get up to the berm and to open up visibility to signs.
  • Tree limbs overhanging the walk that serves Unit 2 was trimmed.
  • The vines and trees along the perimeter tree line were trimmed and/or removed along the walk on the side of Unit 2.
  • Some tree branches were trimmed behind Building 2 (18-32 Gates Crossing) that interfered with lawn maintenance.
  • Tree branches were trimmed hanging over the walk that serves Unit 105.
  • A half dead tree on the side of Unit 102 was removed.

All other work was performed on previous work days, as previously noted and communicated. The work performed today, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, completed the scope of services for the tree removal contractor.

A few Unit Owners communicated their appreciation for the work that was completed and especially noted the professionalism of M&M Tree Service. LLC’s crew directly to a Trustee. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees were equally impressed with M&M Tree Service. LLC. and Liberty Commons Condominium Trust will be utilizing their services in the future for preventative maintenance work and emergencies.

More preventative tree removal and trimming has been identified and noted for next year to safeguard residents, buildings, and Units. Some of this work will require conservation commission approval before proceeding, due to the wetlands and stream protecting buffer zones, due to the number of trees.

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