Pavement Restoration Work Scheduled

The paving restoration contractor that was selected by Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees will begin the restoration work mid-week or thereafter. The general scope of work is the restoration of curb damages from the previous winter’s snow removal efforts, repairing damages cause by leaking vehicle fluids, painting of parking space lines and handicapped parking symbols throughout Liberty Commons, repair of a sunken area at the beginning of the parking lot at Gates Crossing, and miscellaneous potholes in front of Building 3 (1-23 Berrington Road). As soon as Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees have a confirmed schedule, that will be communicated.

The work will require that Unit Owners, Non-Owner Residents, visitors and guests to move their vehicle(s) out of the way or off of the property as not to interfere with the work that needs to be performed.

The areas affected by this work will be as follows and there may be other areas that the paving restoration contractor may need access to:

  • The entrance area of the parking lot at Gates Crossing, between Units 16 and 18.
  • From Unit 2’s assigned parking space west toward the sewer pump station (curb damage).
  • Repair curb damage on the south side of Gates Crossing, across from Building 1 (2-16 Gates Crossing) from a previous substandard patch.
  • Unit 16’s assigned parking space (surface damage).
  • From Unit 32’s assigned parking space east toward the tree line (curb damage).
  • The north-most parking space in front of Building 4 (25-39 Berrington Road) (fluid damages).
  • Unit 41’s assigned parking space and the four to five parking spaces east toward the tree line (curb damage).
  • Unit 43’s assigned parking space (fluid damages).
  • Units 61-65’s (odd numbered) assigned parking spaces (fluid stains).
  • One guest parking space south of the mailboxes that serve Buildings 5, 6 and 7 (fluid stains).
  • The parking space directly to the west of the dumpster near Unit 73 (surface damage).
  • Parking spaces to the right and left of Unit 105’s assigned parking space and four parking spaces north toward the dumpster (curb damage and fluid stains).
  • Unit 111’s assigned parking space (fluid stains).
  • Unit 121’s assigned parking space (curb damage).
  • Unit 125 and 123’s assigned parking spaces (transition between asphalt and concrete).
  • Unit 141’s assigned parking space (fluid stains).
  • From the handicapped parking space on the side of Unit 152 south to the landscape island and mailboxes that serve Buildings 8, 9 and 10 (surface damage).
  • Transition from the asphalt to the mailbox concrete pad that serves Buildings 8, 9 and 10.
  • From Unit 153’s assigned parking space west toward the dumpster (fluid stains).
  • Transition from the curb to the concrete walk for Unit 174 (fill gap).
  • Behind Unit 181’s assigned parking space (elevate the asphalt diverter) to direct water into the catch basin.
  • All vehicles parked in handicapped parking spaces or adjoining space, signified with a sign and symbol.

Vehicles will need to be moved promptly in the areas that work is to be performed, to avoid additional expenses being assessed. If you are leaving the property during the days this work will be performed without your vehicle(s), then the vehicle(s) should be parked off of the property. Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents are encouraged to opt-in for text message notifications. Any vehicle that is not moved, may be removed by towing at the vehicle owner’s sole expense and liability.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees would encourage Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents to ensure that their contact information is up to date, please feel free to use this form.

All vehicles must be registered with Liberty Commons Condominium Trust. Please use this form to register the vehicles associated with your Unit including, but not limited to Unit Owners, Non-Owner Residents, and frequent visitors and guests.

When Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees have the confirmed start date, an update to Unit Owners will be provided. Unit Owners shall notify their Non-Owner Residents.

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