Remove Valuables And Lockup

Once again, the Leominster Police Department are reminding people to remove valuables from their vehicles and to lock up their vehicles. Please don’t leave your purses, wallets, laptops, bags, cash in your car without hiding and locking up. Bags… while they can contain just your gym clothes or your laptop, the thief will take their chances on that bag especially if the doors are unlocked. The Leominster Police Department were not specific as to the area of Leominster where recent incidents have occurred, so this is posted as a general precaution.

As some of you may recall, a few individuals attempted to access certain vehicles on Liberty Commons’ property in the very early morning hours. An alert resident noticed the suspects and called the Leominster Police Department. It is unknown the outcome for this particular incident. There have been very few incidents of this nature at Liberty Commons in its entire history (since 1995).

Liberty Commons is a safe property and in a safe area of Leominster. However, this is a reminder that even in safe areas, incidents such as this can occasionally occur.

In addition to vehicles, Units should be secured (i.e., windows that are ground or deck accessible and doors) and keep an eye out for the neighbors. Outside lights should be left on at night, especially on the front of all Units. The front lights have dusk to dawn sensors to turn on and off automatically.

Residents should be alert and report suspicious activities or unknown persons on or near Liberty Commons’ property to the Leominster Police Department (24x7x365) and then Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent (during normal business hours, or via email at anytime). Being proactive with security, only helps our entire community (i.e., Liberty Commons and beyond).

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