Irrigation System Activated — 2017

Today, Saturday, July 15, 2017, Liberty Commons’ grounds maintenance contractor, Secino’s Landscaping, Inc., activated the five irrigation zone controllers, replaced all damaged or broken sprinkler heads, a few elbows, and one pipe.

Up until now, with all the rain and less intense high temperatures, we have not needed the irrigation system to be on and have saved money by delaying the activation and the number of months that the system will be active. This was a purposeful decision by Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees and was a cost containment measure.

Next week, some areas of the lawn will be loamed and seeded and those irrigation zones will have increased watering times to assist with the new growth in bare areas.

The irrigation zone controllers activate early in the morning, so unless you are an early riser, you may never see the sprinklers watering the lawns. The irrigation zone controllers run specific programs based on Liberty Commons’ needs. As you may recall, last year we were under drought conditions and developed a new program to comply with the city’s water conservation orders.

In areas where the sprinkler heads are, please do not park with your vehicle hanging over the curb, as this will impede the watering program and could lead to burnt grass. Some specific areas where sprinkler heads are near curbs are: each of the parking lots, in front of Building 11 (153-183 Berrington Road), in front of Unit 105 north to the dumpster, and opposite Unit 73 north to the dumpster (at the detention basin).

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