New Dumpsters Being Dropped Off

Bright and early this morning, Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 7:00 AM EST, Casella Waste Systems was dropping off our new dumpsters in the front parking lot. Three of the first dumpsters are being put in place on Berrington Road. When they are done placing the dumpsters, the contractor will return to their facility in Auburn, MA and pick up the other two dumpster and place them in the dumpster enclosures. All of the dumpsters are 10 yard dumpsters, however, three have higher doors, so are considered higher volume even though they have the same capacity. These three dumpsters are being placed between Unit 23 and Unit 25, between Unit 71 and 73, and between Unit 151 and Unit 153 (known as the drive-up dumpster), and the other two are standard access door heights.

Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents may resume usage of the dumpsters that are in place. As a reminder, no one may place and/or discard any radioactive, volatile, corrosive, highly flammable, explosive, biomedical, infectious, or hazardous materials (“Excluded Waste”) as defined by applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations in any dumpster or elsewhere on the property. Please consult the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Property Managers and the Waste Bans (.pdf) for some information and guidance. This is not an all encompassing nor exhaustive list. No trash or waste may be placed or stored outside any Unit (i.e., on decks, patios, etc.) not even momentarily, nor placed on the ground outside the Unit, including, but not limited to near a dumpster, or anywhere in the Common Areas (anywhere on the property). No personal items are to be left near a dumpster nor anywhere on the property with free signs. No one wants anyone’s unwanted items. Please make arrangements to have any unwanted items removed from your Unit and immediately removed from the property.

Dumpster Etiquette

  • Boxes should be broken down flat
  • All trash or garbage shall be sealed in plastic trash bags (this deters animals using the dumpsters as drive-up windows)
  • Trash should be thrown to the back of the dumpsters and both sides of the dumpsters have access doors
  • If a dumpster is full, then one of the other four dumpsters should be utilized
  • Under no circumstance should trash ever be left, not even momentarily, on the ground outside a dumpster or anywhere on the property
  • No paint, motor oil, vehicle fluids, or any other hazardous materials or substances shall be deposited in the dumpster
  • No construction waste products (i.e., carpet, carpet padding, drywall, major appliances, insulation, hardwood flooring, plywood, plumbing fixtures, hot water heaters, furnaces, etc.) shall be disposed of in dumpsters, these should be removed from the property and properly disposed of in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations
  • No propane tanks (even if empty) shall be deposited in the dumpster, as doing so could have catastrophic implications and should be properly disposed of
  • No outside (offsite) trash shall be disposed of in dumpster
  • Non-Resident Unit Owners may not dispose trash in the dumpsters, dumpsters are for residents only for trash generated onsite
  • If you have questions on whether something can be disposed of in dumpster, please contact our Managing Agent in advance depositing the item(s), unauthorized or prohibited items could cost all Unit Owners additional fees and could increase Common Area Fees

The new normal scheduled pickup day is on Wednesdays.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees appreciates everyone’s patience with the situation caused by E.L. Harvey & Sons prematurely picking up our previous dumpsters and leaving no dumpsters on the property for less than 24-hours. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees had a good laugh this morning, when E.L. Harvey & Sons normal garbage truck showed up to empty their dumpsters that were removed from the property the day before, and the driver had a confused look on his face. Obviously, no one communicated with the driver.

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