No Soliciting At Liberty Commons

Liberty Commons Condominium Trust does not allow soliciting anywhere on the property. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees received several complaints from Unit Owners about a person or persons from NRG Home Solar asking to see their electric bill and to use their computer. The representative from NRG Home Solar was informed that there is no soliciting at Liberty Commons, that fact is posted at each entrance, that Liberty Commons is private property, and the representative was escorted off of the property and told not to return.

If anyone comes to your door or approaches you on the property for any type of solicitation (i.e., businesses, services, restaurants, utilities, religious organizations, civil organizations, etc.), please inform them that there is no soliciting on the property, even if the organization is authorized by the City of Leominster and instruct them to leave the property. Solicitation in Leominster requires a permit from the City of Leominster. Please contact the Leominster Police Department with a description of the person or persons and any vehicle information. Even if an organization is authorized by the City of Leominster, Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees would need to authorize such activities and that is highly unlikely.

Please advise Liberty Commons’ Managing Agent and Board of Trustees immediately.

For your own safety, never let a stranger into your Unit or provide personal information.

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