Snow Removal Process — 12/30/2016

Winter is inconvenient. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees, Managing Agent, and snow removal contractor get to experience the worst of people and certain individuals “self-entitlement” and “unrealistic expectations.”

Liberty Commons like every other property has limited parking. There are a total of 277 parking spaces, 264 are required for Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents (a maximum of two per Unit), one parking space is used to dispose of snow, leaving on 12 parking spaces on the entire property. This is the reason people are prohibited from having more than two vehicles and why we prohibit visitor and guest vehicles when snow or winter precipitation is predicted, during snowfall or precipitation, and during all snow removal and treatment operations. We are fortunate that not every Unit has two vehicles, otherwise parking challenges would be much worse. We added 6 parking spaces this year (one is seasonal) and there is no more room to add more parking spaces.

The majority of residents did the right things and parked in the parking lots and alternative parking spaces on a first come first serve basis, which is exactly what should be happening. Your efforts have definately been noticed and are very much appreciated.

Liberty Commons’ snow removal contractor will be returning this morning, Friday, December 30, 2016, to treat roads, travel lanes, and parking spaces, and will be clearing the property after 9:30 AM EST (when most people have gone to work or otherwise left the property). If you are home, you will need to move your vehicle(s) as necessary to allow snow removal operation in an efficient manner. After roads and travel lanes are cleared, then they will focus on the fronts of buildings that are free and clear of vehicles, then on larger guest parking spaces working through to smaller parking areas (based upon risk factors). We will need everyone’s cooperation get the property safe and clear; and to avoid issuing immediate fines and/or removing vehicles by towing at the vehicle owner’s sole expense and liability.


  • Read and adhere to the 2016-2017 Snow Removal Procedures
  • Review the Alternative Parking Plan before a snow storm
  • Search the whole property for available parking spaces in parking lots and alternative parking spaces, and park there, unfortunately, it is not about convenience nor proximity to your Unit (please plan ahead)


  • Drive in and park in your assigned parking space, without searching for available parking spaces in parking lots and alternative parking spaces and making sure none are available1
  • Park along any road, travel lane, behind vehicles; or obstruct dumpsters, mailboxes, hydrants, or fire pull-boxes; or otherwise impede normal or emergency traffic flows or snow removal efforts1
  • Park vehicles anywhere that is not in a designated parking space or in someone’s assigned parking space1
  • Flag down or otherwise impede the skid steer operator, as he/she will not stop for you and will not take instructions or answer questions from residents
  • Ask the individuals shoveling for permission or guidance, as they are here to shovel and don’t know the overall plan to clear the property nor can they give permission for anything
  • Violate boundaries by going to any Trustee’s Unit and except them to be available to answer your question or solve your problem, unless it is an actual emergency (i.e., water break, accident, fire, etc.); nor expect that an email will be answered immediately

Let’s all continue to work together to make winter’s inconveniences less problematic or difficult.

1 If discovered that Unit Owners and/or Non-Owner Residents are found to be violating 2016-2017 Snow Removal Procedures or other Rules and Regulations, then fines and/or removal of the vehicle will towed at the vehicle owner’s sole expense and liability. Liberty Commons needs to be safe for all residents, visitors, and/or guests.

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