2016-17 Snow Removal Procedures

Winter in New England is inconvenient. No one wants to be outside moving vehicles in the freezing temperatures, snow, other winter precipitation, and in darkness. However, it is a time that everyone has to work together in order to eliminate snow, sleet, and ice removed from Liberty Commons in the most efficient manner. Liberty Commons has strict Rules and Regulations and Snow Removal Procedures to help ensure everyone’s health and safety and to reduce our collective liabilities, and there are immediate penalties for noncompliance.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to clarify the Snow Removal Procedures that will be utilized to ensure the reasonable safety of all Unit Owners, Non-Owner Residents, visitors and guests this winter and to set reasonable expectations. Please thoroughly review all Rules and Regulations and Snow Removal Procedures (updated for 2016-2017). Individuals need to have a broad big picture perspective as what one does or does not do impacts others.

When Winter Weather Is Predicted (Before)

  1. Vehicles must be removed from the fronts and sides of the buildings to parking lots, as space permits, on a first come first serve basis. Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking spaces only, may only occupy one parking space, and shall not block any snow removal equipment nor impede snow removal efforts or normal or emergency traffic patterns and/or access.
  2. All visitor and guest vehicles must be removed from Liberty Commons’ property, including parking lots, without exception. Noncompliance will result in an immediate fine of the Unit Owner(s) and/or removal by towing at the vehicle owner’s sole expense and liability, without further warning or exception.
  3. Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents must be available to move vehicles in compliance with the Rules and Regulations and at the instruction or direction of a Trustee, the Board of Trustees, Managing Agent, or snow removal contractor, without exception.
  4. Any Unit Owner or Non-Owner Residents that will be away must remove their vehicle(s) from Liberty Commons’ property or arrange for someone to move the vehicle while snow removal is occurring in accordance with the Rules and Regulations and these Snow Removal Procedures, without exception. Please plan ahead and accordingly, as weather is unpredictable.
  5. Please do not park in any of the reserved or handicapped spaces as identified with signs, that are not assigned to you (when in doubt don’t park in the space); and not in roads, along curbs, travel lanes, nor obstruct anything else (i.e., dumpsters, fire hydrants, mailboxes, other vehicles, etc.) as immediate fines may be imposed or the vehicle removed by towing at the sole expense and liability of the vehicle owner. Normal and emergency access must be maintained at all times.

Throughout A Winter Weather Event (During)

  1. Roads, travel lanes, and safely accessible parking spaces will be treated, as needed.
  2. Snow removal will commence at approximately 2-3 inches of accumulation of snow and the roads, travel lanes in parking lots, parking spaces in parking lots that can be safely cleared, and the fronts of buildings when there are no vehicles present for the entire span of the building, then the area will be cleared and kept open throughout the storm.
  3. The walks that service the front entrances to Units will be cleared at the end of a snow event, unless the snow accumulation is in excess of 5-6 inches, then snow will be removed periodically throughout the winter weather event incrementally. Snow removal crews will work their way through the property in an orderly progression. Walks will be treated, as authorized by the Board of Trustees, as weather conditions dictate, in conjunction with the snow removal contractor’s recommendations.
  4. Unit Owners, Non-Owner Residents, visitors, and guest should always use reasonable care when navigating the property on foot or by vehicle at all times. If a potential issue is discovered, the Managing Agent and Board of Trustees should be immediately notified, so the concern can be evaluated and if necessary be addressed.

After A Winter Weather Event (After)

  1. Roads, travel lanes in parking lots, and parking spaces in parking lots that are safely accessible will be cleared to allow individuals to move vehicles off the property, into parking lot spaces, etc.
  2. Parking spaces in front and on the side of buildings will be cleared, when all vehicles have been removed. Snow is pushed from the middle of buildings to each end of the building. While winter weather events are unpredictable, final snow removal clean-up activities will generally commence at or after 9:30 AM EST the day after a winter weather event, unless there is a reasonable amount of time to do so the same day without going into non-daylight hours or that may require flexibility due to other factors, as determined by the snow removal contractor and Board of Trustees. All vehicles must be removed, as not to impede snow removal operations, without exception. There shall be no obstruction of roads, parking spaces, dumpsters, fire hydrants, mailboxes, snow storage areas, etc. The Unit Owner will be issued an immediate fine for any vehicles not removed or that impedes snow removal or treatments and for any subsequent infractions, vehicles may be removed by towing at the sole expense and liability of the vehicle owner, without exception.
  3. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees, Managing Agent, nor snow removal contractor are not required to ring doorbells, send text messages, make telephone calls, send emails, or otherwise notify or remind Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents of their obligations and responsibilities; nor to move any vehicles.
  4. The walks that service the front entrances to Units will be cleared to near full width at the end of a snow event. Please keep in mind that snow drifts may recover the walks in certain conditions. The snow removal contractor is not contracted to remove snow from rear walks; nor decks, patios, or rear doors, and this responsibility falls to the occupants of a Unit. However, it is recommended that occupants at a minimum clear the rear door and mechanical room door to the Unit to permit egress and access for any emergency maintenance/repairs.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees has implemented a “beta test” program for group text message notifications by building for snow removal efforts and/or other urgent notifications. To learn more, go to P2xeFi-1Uf (case sensitive) or contact Amelia Rainville at (877) 423-5050. Cellular signals inside Units can be spotty, so failure to receive a text message and/or receiving a delayed text message does not negate your responsibility and obligations to move your vehicle(s) while snow is being removed in your area of the property and while the snow removal contractor is removing snow. Also, consider subscribing to for status updates and other useful information.

Let’s all work together to avoid inconveniences, risks, or liabilities, and assist each other to minimize the effects of winter and snow removal. Let’s not forget to offer assistance to our neighbors that are elderly, have mobility challenges and/or have limitations, and those with newborns. Simple acts of kindness can make all the difference of extending our sense of community.

Note: It is the Unit Owner’s obligation and responsibility to communicate these Snow Removal Procedures to their family members, tenants, visitors, and guests; as well as the penalties that will be imposed on the Unit Owner (fines) and the family members, tenants, visitors, and guests (removal by towing).


These Snow Removal Procedures were developed in accordance with the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations as last amended or modified on October 19, 2016. The Board of Trustees may amend or modify the Rules and Regulations, as needed. Please read all Constituent Documents, specifically: the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws — Article II — Trustees — Section 3 (k); and Rules and Regulations —Article 3 — Actions of Unit Owners — Section 3.1., 3.2., and 3.4; Article 4 — Insurance — Section 4.1.; Article 5 — Motor Vehicles — Sections 5.3., 5.4., 5.5.2., 5.7., 5.8., and 5.9.; Article 6 — Snow Removal; Article 8 — Administration — Section 8.4., 8.7., and 8.8.; and Article 9 — Payment of Condominium Obligations.

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