Anti-Tractor Trailer Truck Measures

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees working with our landscape contractors, Secino’s Landscaping, Inc., has begun the installation of some anti-tractor trailer truck measures at each of the entrances to the property. Large boulders are being strategically placed to impede access to Liberty Commons’ property by tractor trailer trucks. Tractor trailer truck drivers do not read the warning signs or pay attention to them at the intersection of Old Mill Road Road and Jungle Road informing them that they cannot continue on Old Mill Road due to the railroad underpass, height and geometry restrictions. They have damaged Liberty Commons’ property  (i.e., hand-crafted stone walls (multiple times), the landscape island at Berrington Road, and have damaged or taken out the light poles) and impeded traffic on Old Mill Road that has required police assistance to back all the way back to Jungle Road.

It’s unfortunate that Liberty Commons needs to take these measures to reduce and/or eliminate hit-and-run damages to Liberty Commons’ property, but is unfair for Unit Owners to pay these unnecessary expenses to repair or replaced damaged property. Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents should still report and tractor trailer or oversized trucks on Old Mill Road to the Leominster Police Department and Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees. Tractor trailer or oversized trucks are not permitted on Liberty Commons’ property and no one other than the Board of Trustees can authorize such actions, as it is clearly posted at each entrance with signs and the geometry will not permit tractor trailer trucks to navigate the turns.

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