Text Messaging Notification Program

In an effort to prepare for the upcoming winter, Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees is instituting a “beta test” program for text messaging to alert Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents (i.e., tenants, roommates, etc.) of snow removal activities and/or any other urgent emergency notifications, similar to the systems that colleges, universities, and businesses use to keep individuals informed. We understand that Liberty Commons’ does not have the best cellular coverage, especially inside Units, thus why we are “beta testing” this text messaging notification system this winter to better coordinate the snow removal efforts. We all do have to work together to ensure snow is safely removed from Liberty Commons in an efficient and timely manner to reduce the risks of slips and falls, injuries, etc. and to reduce the inconveniences of Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents.

Yes, Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees knows that Liberty Commons does not have enough parking for everyone to move their vehicles from the fronts or sides of all Buildings at one time, but that is a site limitation that every property has to deal with, and there is nothing that we can do to change that constraint. We also know it may not be convenient to move your vehicle when the snow removal contractor is activity removing snow from the property. However, this is a part of living in a community in New England in the winter. We can’t schedule snow storms.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees and Managing Agent plans to target text messages to Unit Owners and/or Non-Owner Residents on a per Building-basis when its time to move vehicles to better coordinate the snow removal efforts of the residents and the snow removal contractor. Residents should not rely solely on receiving a text message to move your vehicle(s). That responsibility and obligation still rests with each and every Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents. Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents should also work together with their neighbors to ensure vehicles are moved out of the way, so snow removal can occur in the most efficient and timely manner. Some of our residents are elderly, handicapped, or have new borns, so if you can offer to assist a neighbor, that should make snow removal less painful and frustrating for everyone. We are a community and need to work together, because the failure of just one resident to move their vehicle affects other residents and creates unnecessary potential risks and liabilities.

This winter, Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees and Managing Agent will be strictly following our existing Rules and Regulations and will immediately fine ($20 per day per infraction per vehicle) any Unit Owner if they and/or their tenants fail to move their vehicle(s) while snow removal is occurring on the first infraction or otherwise impede snow removal efforts, and/or fail to follow the instructions of Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees and/or Managing Agent. Each and every subsequent infraction will result in the vehicle being towed from the property at the vehicle owner’s sole expense and liability, at the sole discretion of Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees. Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees and Managing Agent would prefer not to have to impose fines or tow vehicles to elicit responsible behavior, but we do need everyone’s cooperation to efficiently and effectively remove snow and ice from travel lanes, roadways, and parking spaces.

Liberty Commons’ Board of Trustees urge each and every Unit Owner and Non-Owner Resident to opt-in to this “beta text” messaging notification program to receive text messages from Liberty Commons Condominium Trust with respect to snow removal efforts and/or other emergency notifications. Those individuals without a mobile device and/or texting, will need to continue to watch for the snow removal crew to move vehicle(s) when snow is actively being removed from Liberty Commons.

We may have to adapt and be flexible, as Liberty Commons “beta tests” this text messaging experience this winter. We encourage Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents to share their ideas on ways we might improve upon any deficiencies that we may uncover.

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