Heat Failure Policy

During the dates of October 15 to April 15, Liberty Commons’ Unit Owners must use a low temperature warning system when leaving their Unit vacant for more than 72 hours. During very cold weather, it is recommended that a system is in place when the Unit is left for more than a few days.

Unit Owners must designate a person who is a key holder to visit the Unit periodically, at least weekly, to inspect for leaks, heat loss, or other issues both inside the Unit and the mechanical room (i.e., the room that houses the hot water heater and furnace located off the back of the Units).

Prior to vacating the Unit, Unit Owners and/or Non-Owner Residents must provide the Managing Agent with the contact information for the local designee. This contact information will be used in the event of an emergency and the Unit Owner cannot be reached.

Unit Owners must install a low temperature warning system of their choice to operate during the time of absence. The Managing Agent must be notified of the type of system.

Unit Owners who can provide proof by paid invoice from a licensed plumber that the Unit was professionally winterized will not be required to maintain a heat failure notification system.

There are three main types of low temperature system available on the market, that can be found at local retailers or online:

  • Freeze Warning Light — A light is placed in a visible window; a sensor connected to the light is placed towards the middle of the room. The light will be lit if the temperature drops below a set point.
  • Security Alarm System — Security systems can be set up to send a notice of heat failure. Notification methods vary but the systems can call a list of phone numbers to alert someone of the problem.
  • Phone Notification — Some systems send notifications by phone or allow a Unit Owner to monitor the heat remotely through a phone line or via the cellular network.

Using an early warning system such as these assists in reducing the potential risks, damages, and/or insurance claims for yourself, surrounding Unit Owners, and Liberty Commons Condominium Trust (all Unit Owners).

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