Police Ask For Residents Assistance

The Leominster Police Department posted on their Facebook page, asking residents to please remove your valuables and lock your car doors when retiring for the evening. At least three residents in North Leominster reported their unlocked cars were entered and rummaged through. Anything (including some loose change) was taken. Reduce your risk of being victimized, remove the opportunity and lock your vehicle!

Incidents like this can happen anywhere. It is always a prudent practice to remove any valuables from sight to safeguard ourselves and our personal property. Residents and their guests should:

  • Lock your vehicle doors.
  • Close windows and sunroofs on vehicles.
  • Close and lock doors and windows of your condominium no matter whether you reside in a garden-style or townhouse Unit.
  • Turn on outside lights at night. There are many areas of Liberty Commons that are nearly pitch black due to residents not turning on their outside front lights that are on a dusk-to-dawn optical sensor.
  • Know who your neighbors are, who belongs on the property, and who is potentially suspicious.
  • Call the Leominster Police Department if you see something that looks out of the ordinary. It’s better to be wrong than sorry that you didn’t do something to help yourself or a neighbor.

We can all work together to continue to ensure Liberty Commons is relatively crime-free by being our own broad reaching surveillance system. After all, this is what we all want so we all need to be diligent.

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