Attic Insulation Project Uncovers Black Mold

On Thursday, October 24, 2013, while Elite Construction & Design was doing an assessment of the state of the firewalls of a townhouse unit’s attic in Building 11 (153-183 Berrington Road) in preparation for adding addition insulation to the attic, a significant quality of black mold over the smaller front bedroom was discovered. Elite Construction & Design immediately notified the resident of this serious issue. The resident was unaware of the mold, as they have never gone up into the attic in the entire time that they have lived at Liberty Commons. Most residents probably have not either. This particular Unit has evident of water infiltration from ice dams in the past, whereas the damages were never addressed nor properly repaired. The resident has been exhibiting symptoms of respiratory distress.

The resident, a tenant, mentioned this serious situation to Steve Stearns, who immediately notified Carl Gore of Empire Condominium Professionals, our Managing Agent, to initiate the professional removal of the toxic black mold and monitor the situation after the mold has been removed to ensure it does not return and that there are no other unaddressed root causes. Carl Gore has contacted the Unit Owner and Belfor.

This is not the first time that mold has been uncovered in a Unit at Liberty Commons and probably won’t be the last time either. Building 8 (105-119 Berrington Road) and Building 9 (121-151 Berrington Road) have also had/ have serious mold issues in the garden-style Units. To my knowledge, a garden-style Unit in Building 8  (105-119 Berrington Road) still has a serious mold issue that has gone unaddressed that is placing the resident of this Unit and surrounding Units at potential risk.

Mold is not unique to Liberty Commons and under the right conditions can exist most any place. Mold can be a very serious health hazard and compromise the building integrity. It is important for all Unit Owners to immediately notify the Managing Agent of any water infiltration, water leaks, and/ or discovery of any mold or foreign substance inside or outside any Unit, so that mold and other substances do not spread to other Units within a Building, cause more damage and/ or potential health risks for residents. Unit Owners and their tenants should check closets, attics, cabinets, etc. periodically for any type of mold, mildew, etc. because if issues are discovered and addressed early it can be less costly and have less of an impact on residents and their neighbors.

We all need to look out for and help each other. That’s what neighbors and a community are supposed to do.

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  • Steve Stearns

    4 years ago

    On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, representatives from Belfor, a mold consultant and insulation contractor went up into the attic of the affected Unit in Building 11 and preformed an assessment to develop a remediation plan to professionally and safely remove the mold and all insulation from the attic.

    The highlights of the plan are to: remove all insulation from the attic; install a HEPA filter to vent air out the window of the master bedroom to insure air quality; put in movable temporary flooring and lighting; eradicate, remove, and encapsulate the mold; install the proper soffit vent channels; redirect the bathroom exhaust fan to meet the current building code requirements (to ridge vent); install new blown-in cellulose insulation to match the GreenFiber used by Elite Construction & Design; install fiberglass batt insulation on the elevated sidewalls of the master bedroom; and test the air quality to ensure there are no ongoing negative health effects on residents as have they have been experiencing.

    According to the plan, the residents will have to move out of the master bedroom for approximately 5 business days in order for the work to take place. This is a major inconvenience to the residents, but is necessary.

    The Association should cover all related cost to the residents (i.e., increased electricity, heating, and loss of use of a bedroom).

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